April Poem-A-Day 18 – Weather

Image by YoachimHUN
Image by YoachimHUN

It’s raining over the marshes
and the fog won’t leave.
It has a point to make
and it will stay to see what we do
in return.

It’s snowing in the forest
and the temperatures dissocialize us from
the fairy-tale Christmas mood,
but are plain terrible biting frost.
It wants to see if we know where
to hide.

The dessert is suffering the sand storm
of a lifetime.
Miles to the horizon are hidden
behind the dusty curtain
which grinds my brain
and sprinkles its yellowness
over the imaginary wound
I am weeping over.

©2014, soulmary


September Heights #12 – Rain and Tackle it Tuesday – kigo

Abandoned fields where
Only winds and thorns will ride
Host the silent rain

Grey sky frowns eyebrows
High wind empties the sidewalks
Rage against the sun

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Autumnal haiku

September Heights #05 Autumn

Sun burns out farewell
Breezes brush treetops aglow
Rain washes them bare.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Dear Mr. Rain, Day 17

NaPoWriMo, Day 17

Being Poetry – Rain – epistolary with particulars

Dear Mr. Rain,
how long until you hold your reins
and tie your whirls around the tides
below the ocean rocks where lies
your precious treasure? 

You spill your thunders and your bolts
along the Chestnut boulevard
where oranges unbridled roll
and wallow in the shallow pools
unwanted and uncared for. 

You splash all over our roof
and wash the house of its neglect
thus washing off its innocence
that rainy dryness had erect. 

And then I stand and watch and muse
Just as I did some years ago
To see the tenderest abuse
You come, hurray
and off you go! 

Haiku Heights – Wonder

2. Haiku Heights – Wonder 

I wonder, silent

I am amazed and mute

At mountain grandeur

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Forgive in Day 7

Here is my seventh daily contribution to the Poetry Month challenge and celebration! So far, I have managed to keep my pace and hope to have the strength to do so for the remaining three weeks.

The prompt on which I poem today comes from the Haiku Heights and is Forgive.

Forgive the rain that

Falls over the sea but not

On your thirsty field.


© Mariya Koleva

Image taken from here.


Tea or Coffee? Cats or Dogs? Rain or Snow – Nov PAD, Day 9

2011, Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 9 – *blank* or *blank*


Rain or Snow?
It depends.
Drenching shoes and sticky clothes
Vote for snow,
(Or else, for sunshine.)

Tea or Coffee?
It depends.
Parching thirst and sweating heat
Call for tea.
With A/C on, it’s time for coffee
On and on.

Cats or Dogs?
It depends.
If drenching, drizzling shoes and clothes
Are not a real stop for you,
Most probably you have a dog.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Woman in rain, Magpie 84

Magpie Tales #84 prompt is Woman in Rain:

Eternity believing in gods

Woman in the rain

Fate at her feet –

Coal-black eyes

Jet-black heat

Standing on the verge

Of a lake of despair

To summon the gods

Of despondent flair

How long till they care?

Black will soak

The rain to bones

Naked will suck

The wetness in draws

They are





©2011 Mariya Koleva

Hello… (a postcard poem) – NaPoWriMo 2011, day 2

For today’s prompt, write a postcard poem.


Hello from me.
From here.
From now.
I travelled well.
The place is great.
And sunshine is about
To spill all over my despondent brow.
No rain.
No more.
For now, at least.
Until the evening clouds
Believe that day is past
And storm the sunshine from around.
© 2011 Mariya Koleva