Do I See and Hear Fear? – Day 17 of April PAD

Today, I am writing an independent poem for April Poem-A-Day challenge. Meaning, I’m not following a prompt. This poem came to me following something unpleasant happening in a close friend’s personal life. Plus, fear is always a thing, isn’t it?
Here it is:

Amidst the noise
of thunder
and the tears in
my soul,
I can still hear
the whisper of
the sea –
the magnificent
and frightening sea,
washing the empty beaches,
smoothing the coast,
caressing the abandoned sands.

Among all the colour
of people running around in hectic
panic and haze
wondering why they do it and
they can stop to rest,
I can still see
the long shadow thrown
by the tall pine tree
at the edge of that forest
which I knew as a girl.
The forest that lulled me
to tears and sweetness
The forest that cooled me
and scared me with
indistinct figures and sighs.

Do I generally hear
of see just fear?
Mostly fear.
My own, lovely fear.

© 2024, soulmary

Not willing to know, Day 19


I know so much I hadn’t wished for

I know so much that I don’t need.

Does the sea complain

its water is more than it wishes for?

Do the mountains complain

they have rocks they don’t need?

I lie on the edge of the sea

I lie in the foot of the mountain

And I wish to be able to see.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Forgive in Day 7

Here is my seventh daily contribution to the Poetry Month challenge and celebration! So far, I have managed to keep my pace and hope to have the strength to do so for the remaining three weeks.

The prompt on which I poem today comes from the Haiku Heights and is Forgive.

Forgive the rain that

Falls over the sea but not

On your thirsty field.


© Mariya Koleva

Image taken from here.


SEA – Acrostic Haiku

Acrostic Only –  August 2011 –  Acrostic Haiku –  SEA


Southern seas await
Ecstatic waves to surge up
At ease with dolphins.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva