Reminiscent, April PAD, Day 1

Reminiscent, a Shadorma
Years ago
Faith was everything
Not so now
Your benefits from belief
And decide.

©2017, Mariya Koleva

Tell It to the Hand

April Poem-A-Day 24 – Tell it to the Hand

Image credit: LimpidD
Image credit: LimpidD

Talk to the hand, my friend
and tell it stories long forgotten
tales that only you remember
not for long

Tell your story
to the hand again

The story will be different
every time you stop to take
a breath

The hand will listen patiently
It will.

©2014, soulmary


April Poem-A-Day 23 – Location

Image by Rahmatozz
Image by Rahmatozz

Location: Fear
a thousand-eyed reality
existing in a parallel universe
denying the very probability
of its own being.

Location: within my heart
close to me
deep in my thoughts
denying light and joy,
a whirlwind of ungentle
the X
which marks the spot.

Location: near.

©2014 soulmary


April Poem-A-Day 22

Image by Naked in the Rain
Image by Naked in the Rain

A sheet of paper
tightly-scribbled with notes;
All over it
is music
until the moment
you use it to kindle your fire.

©2014, soulmary

Back to Basics

April Poem-A-Day 21 – Back to Basics

Image by Anotheroutsider
Image by Anotheroutsider

Back to basics
when two and two made four
without too much complication
or small print
outside printable area;

when no one signed contracts
over the phone
to learn a week later
that their ‘Yes, mail me the offer.’
was interpreted as a ‘Yes.’ only;

Back to the time
when the streets were empty of cars
and mainly served as the topic
of romantic city poems.

©2014, soulmary

Red or Violet

April Poem-A-Day 19 – Colour in the title

Image by skatendavie
Image by skatendavie

Red or Violet

Yellow as the sun
has always been my fancy colour
Though they say
yellow flowers mean hate.

Yet, it’s always black
that I give in answer
to the age-old girlish question.

While in truth violet
and red, all types of red,
wake my smile
and my dream.

©2014 soulmary

Featured image: Violet by cblue
This is part of my April Poetry Month project. I know colouring the stanzas is childish, but the temptation was too strong.


April Poem-A-Day 18 – Weather

Image by YoachimHUN
Image by YoachimHUN

It’s raining over the marshes
and the fog won’t leave.
It has a point to make
and it will stay to see what we do
in return.

It’s snowing in the forest
and the temperatures dissocialize us from
the fairy-tale Christmas mood,
but are plain terrible biting frost.
It wants to see if we know where
to hide.

The dessert is suffering the sand storm
of a lifetime.
Miles to the horizon are hidden
behind the dusty curtain
which grinds my brain
and sprinkles its yellowness
over the imaginary wound
I am weeping over.

©2014, soulmary

Pop Culture

April Poem-A-Day 17 – Pop Culture

Image by 742
Image by 742

Wearing my torn-off jeans with
that loose T-shirt
and the leather jacket I bought
with my own saved money
never gave me more self-confidence
(which was exactly the reason
I would wear them,
especially the jacket)
than at the moment I stepped up
to a belated date,
only my eyes asking
his friends had told me about his
other girl-friend
they saw him with
last night
or why
he was an hour
for our date.

That speed beat in my head,
the heavy mainstream of the day
saved me from my teenage collapse,
more than once.

©2014, soulmary

Another Love Poem

It is that time again and I post a Love poem. Below my fresh piece, you will find links to other love-themed ones.

April Poem-A-Day 15 – Love Poem

love poem
Image by CelticBeauty

I’ve found you
and I grabbed
and held you tight.

To never let you go.

©2014 Mariya Koleva

Here are some other Love poems I have written: a wordle, a November PAD Poem from nearly four years ago, another poem written for the same challenge, and a Talk-back-to-a-dead-poet one written for November PAD 2012 where I talk back to E.A. Poe.

What If I…

It was 2011, my first ever NaPoWriMo, which I actually considered AprPAD, because my original ‘point of entry’ into that world was through Robert’s Poetic Asides. Unlike NovPAD 2010, which was very successful along with NaNoWriMo 2010, the April challenge proved somewhat harder to follow.

One thing, I got a large translation project at work, which consumed a lot of my work and free time (as you might imagine, freelancing means great periods of transgression between those two). Another thing, and I believe it affected my success to a greater extent than my work load at the time, was that I tried to follow many prompt sites. Anyone dealing with NaPoWriMo knows that a lot of web sites out there offer prompts for the April Poetry Month. Of all the sites whose prompts I made efforts to write to, only two still exist. That, in itself is a very disturbing thing. Still, to get back to my first NaPoWriMo, that had a negative effect on me, because I would spend the whole morning scurrying the prompt sites and noting down prompts, planning to come back to them later during the day. The mere presence of more than three or four prompts made my head spin. My thoughts would go round and probe the ground, so to say, often resulting in a whole day wasted and not a single poem written.
Still, there is one poem which I remember and it was Robert’s prompt for Day 9, What If… You can read it here and compare the path it took to the one the same prompt will send me now.

April Poem-A-Day 14 – What If I

What if I wrote the same poem again,
Like the one I wrote two years ago?
Would I feel my words the same way?
Would the verse take me exactly
where I go?

What if I were smarter or duller
and stayed, or I left, or what if I did both
but to different people?

Same prompts come over and then once again
so that I reconsider the verse path
that I take
So that I have some time to evaluate
the lifespan of my poem,
its growth
and its truth.

What if I had changed
and did things the same way
as I always do?

©2014, soulmary

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