Look Back Haiku – Day 28 of April PAD

Look back to many
blinks of warm and sunny time
Keep your thoughts alert.

I want out
My sleep of despair
engulfs me

© 2020, forestlove

Change Haiku – Day 26 of April PAD

Spring rain and sunshine
sprinkling merrily around
a tree’s brown branches

© 2020, forestlove

A Quirky Story – Day 22 of April PAD

Another ethereal
reality bumping across the
quirky road to the sand beach.

Another day of swimming houses
roughly crossing the ocean
of lilac bushes.

© 2020, forestlove

A Shadorma – Day 14 of April PAD


A form
or an anti-form
full rallying of powers
that I don’t control.

©2020, forestlove

Today is Tuesday, and that means a “two for Tuesday” type of prompt. Robert offered “a form/anti-form poem”, and that brought me to my favourite shadorma. I took a joking bend again, as I did a couple of times recently. Maybe that is a form of relaxing, I don’t know, like taking time off serious poetry.

Have I told you I am without a job? It’s been one week now, and the pandemic virus spread isn’t at the root of my unemployment. It was time to move on, for both sides. Managing human resources in a big company, with a nice team of my own, was very great. But, as all good things, this, too, came to an end. In the past 5-6 years, I’ve blamed my job and being so busy at the office for not finishing the April Poetry month challenge. We’ll see this time.

Be well and prosper!

A Purpose Fun Tanka – Day 13 of April PAD


This snug little pile – our cat
horrendously paws across
all the house rules
defeating her prime sense of purpose –
cuddle with us.

2020, forestlove

To write a purpose poem was the prompt at Poetic Asides for Day 13, but I decided to take a day off from serious poeming, and catch up on posting and other things. Today, I thought why not try the tanka form? It’s fun, it’s cool and I didn’t do it correctly. Well, I hope this is a nice little piece for this cutie sleeping in my favourite armchair just next to my desk – our cat. If you see her, you’d wonder why I used the word “little”. Smiles and joy to all!

Spirit – Day 12.2 of April PAD


It spirited away
Just walked astray
It spirited away
The smoke appeared gray
quite ruggedly
It spirited away

©2020, forestlove

Earlier today, I wrote a triolet and now the temptation was too strong to resist. Moreover, the prompt “spirit” calls for an old-fashioned ring in the poem.

Triolet – Day 12.1 of April PAD


This little girl with her cute smile
forgives me all my wrongly deeds
and in her all-forgiving style
this little girl with her cute smile
will trot up every temple’s aisle
her dress all flowers, frills and beads.
This little girl with her cute smile
forgives me all my wrongly deeds.

©2020, forestlove

Above is my triolet I wrote on the prompt for Day 12 at the NaPoWriMo.net website. This is a very nice form, and it sounds great to the ear. Writing triolets is also very enjoyable.

A Control Poem – Day 11.2 of April PAD


Controlling the rhythm
by harnessing rhyme
is an old golden trick
I just can’t apply.

All control freaks
must be users of tricks.

2020, forestlove

Here is an attempt at a Control poem, as prompted by Poetic Asides. Since I started in rhyme earlier during the day, this freak continued in that line.

The Fish Who Died – Day 10.2 of April PAD

The Fish Who Died
At first, it was a scared baby
skilful in hiding among dense foliage
Then it grew a merry fish
skipping to and fro, chasing friends around
surviving predators’ attacks,
a beautiful orange body,
all hope fixated on its growing to maturity
as the only male of its species
in the tank.
And then, it lost its colour,
its briskness, its youthful hop
to hide inside a pot.
The orange cutie fish who was lost.


Hay(na)ku – Day 10.1 of April PAD

** **
between trees
makes us feel.

** **
pours down
droplets like pearls.

** **
will walk
over your stuff.

** **
make faces
behind the windows.

The series is my offering to the prompt of NaPoWriMo.net. This is the first time I’ve tried hay(na)ku, and I really enjoyed it. I chose to make a series of poems inspired by things I love and enjoy.

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