Shall We Dance

Glamour is pouring out of pubs and clubs
along the shoreline
And the summer clamour
Is everywhere around
I get lost in the sweet and sour flavours
Reaching my senses from the crowd
Restaurants and Ferris wheels scream for joy
Shall we dance until the crack of dawn?
(c) 2023, soulmary

This poem was created with several prompts in mind:
Wednesday Prompt 657: A summer poem, and you can see many others here As always, excellent works.
Friday Writing 81: City dreaming, a blog for which I write for the first time.
Poetic Bloomings 443: Shall we dance? But of course we’ll dance, why even ask 😉

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Blessed with peace,
On the brink of monotony.
Running from the havoc,
Running from the boredom,

When are we going to make up
Our minds,
Our passions,
The fire in our hearts?

Oh, wait! Is this smoke coming out
From our lips
Or is it a sigh,
A smile,
A smirk?

© soulmary, 2023

Another great poetry prompt from the Poetic Blooming site. Check it out, read some excellent pieces and dive in one of my favourite poetry communities.
Blessed Be!

Summer in the Forest

Summer filters subtly through the mist
Our forest whispers in its shadows
The creek is like a sentinel belt, circling
The happiness we immerse ourselves in.
Crows, branches, herbs, bugs –
All in bliss.
All is still.
All is rising.
(c) 2023, soulmary

It’s a wonderful day and an even more wonderful prompt – the Sunday Whirl is here to remind us it’s summer! And they lived happily ever after ?

They swore all will be quiet, then this

‘We could all be friends,’ said the hippo humbly.
‘Live peaceful, side by side and enjoy the day in, day out
Of serenity in mud waters, dry lands and fierce skies.’

The little birds picking at his hide,
Those cleaning the teeth of the crocodile,
The woodpecker keeping the forest from worms,
And the worms nurturing the ground in
The never-ending cycle of life.

We could.
Yet, do we?
Or do we awkwardly slip in the mud,
Slap one another’s faces,
And, sadly, end back in the slop?
(c) soulmary, 2023

I wrote this poem in answer of three different prompts, all of them coming from great poetry blogs and forums. One asked we gave our poem a click bait title – you can check it out on the Write Better Poetry web site. The Three-things challenge #352 offered a good combination of words to play with. And a blog where I do a prompt for the first time – the RagTag daily prompt of yesterday where the topic to be creative with is Symbiotic.

Our Yard Today – Haibun

Joyfully sipping the picture with eyes, absorbing the blueness of the skies, I sit, humbly and quietly. Gazing into the distance, and then, in the tree crown towering above my yard. The gate is a portal leading to anotherness, a guard keeping our bliss within. High in the sky, birds fly their happy flights. Birds in the tree chirp lulling me into soft euphory.

Blue and blissful sky
Trees – the home for sweet songs
Blossom petals floating.

© 2023, soulmary

I’m not even sure what I did is haibun by all its rules. But it was great fun trying to do this, and this has been my first attempt at this form. Check the original prompt at the Poetic Bloomings blog and see what you can do with the prompt. Also, there are other very nice poems there to read.

Grab the Opportunity

Grab the opportunity
They say a bird perches but once
On your shoulder
All you have to do is reach.

Headway, usually slow, is certain
If you don’t stop and right is on your side
It could be heady if your path is icy
So potent that its taste gets juicy.

Grab that bird, don’t cage it
Stroke its feathers, let it go
And make sure your headdress is firmly on
Should it decide to thank and drop a bomb.

©soulmary, 2023

Today’s poem is an answer to the prompt at #TTC – the Three-Things Challenge web site. The words for the day are Headway, Headdress and Heady. I had fun writing the poem. I hope you had fun reading it, and you can also drop by the TTC Blog to read more offerings.

Flounder Bluster Sensitive

Today, I decided to combine the prompts from two websites into my new poem.

Out of my depth I often flounder
My too-conscious self hardly seeing
Through the mist.

Suddenly, I up and give a shrug. A proud moment.

Then inside I’m still stupefied,
But my outside blusters deafeningly.
Attracting all it can, swollen with tension.

Then I stop breathing to feel my true self
Hush and fake a smile.

© soulmary, 2023

Words I used – Flounder – Shrug – Bluster, come from TTC – three-things challenge for today. And the overall theme – Sensitive, was prompted by Robert on the Poetic Asides blog.

If you click on the links, you will be able to not only see the prompting posts, but also enjoy the work and offerings of many talented and inspiring creative friends.

Home-coming to the Bloom

Today, one of my favourite prompt sites published an interesting topic. You can read more in the process notes below my attempt at a poem. In fact, the notes are the comment I left on Marie Elena and Wolt’s site.

The long road wound to a stop into this garden
Where the fairy house still stands.

I can see white curtains in the windows,
smoke rolls playful from the chimney,
Sage drying under the eaves.

A place to see and to believe.

To think I had been away for what feels like forever, and I come to one of my favourite poetry communities in this particular moment! I remember when it started, in the spring of 2011. Marie Elena and Wolt were already in creative cooperation on Across Lake Eerie (forgive me if I mistake the title), and this space appeared on those creative grounds. I was in a particularly sunny place in my life and universe back then. I “poem-ed” happily away, day in day out. Recently, I woke up to the idea I should come back. My problem is I haven’t used English for a long time, and haven’t written any poems, in whatever language, so I step on shaky feet towards embracing this idea.

When I visited the website a couple of days ago and saw you still post regular prompts, I felt warmth, almost like coming home from a hostile and tiresome journey. Now, that I read the opening sentence of this post, well, honestly, I’m not sure what to say.
So, I’ll say Hi and happy to see you, Marie Elena and Wolt. I hope you remember me ?

And so that you can enjoy the wonderful work the two of them have been doing for over a decade, please visit their blog. The experience will be enriching, inspiring and lovely.

Чалга – филм за надеждата и приятелството


Не се оставяйте да ви заблуди заглавието – “Чалга” не е възхвала на поп-фолк културата. Е, всичко се върти около желанието на главната героиня – Барбара, на галено Барби, от чието име е разказът, да стане известна… с нещо. Най-лесно с чалга. Може да пее, съгласна е на “всичко”, за да бъде известна и не се страхува, че цената може да се окаже твърде висока. Виждаме няколко драматични примера за съгласието с това “всичко”. Още с първия случай, в който си плати за услугата, уредена от собственото гадже, се затвърждава нашата увереност, че тази история ще ни въздейства. Мен ме поразплака, честно казано.

Poster of Chalga
Плакатът на филма
Сюжетът се развива шеметно, на моменти се виждат несъответствия. Например какво става в крайна сметка с оня куфар дето го търкаля навсякъде? В някои сцени го влачи, в други просто го няма, после пак се появява… Ще кажете “Не издребнявай,” но си знаем, че тези неща вадят очите на махнаджиите. Освен това се чудя как поддържа косата и грима си. Всяка жена знае, че външният вид иска време и пари, а Барби предимно обикаля улиците с изгладнял поглед и надежда да срещне богати клиенти.

Струва ми се, че има неточност в диагнозата на Роза – приятелката по неволя на главната героиня. Във филма се твърди, че тя има биполярно разстройство, но според мен тя показва гранично разстройство. Наистина, на английски и двете звучат подобно – bipolar и borderline, и както всички личностни разстройтва, имат някои споделени характеристики и симптоми, но са различни. Биполярното се характеризира с редуващи се епизоди на депресия и еуфория. При Роза това не се наблюдава, поне аз не видях. Граничното, от друга страна, се изразява с непоследователност и неустойчивост на характер и поведение, променливи ценности, объркване по отношение на самия себе си и това къде си в света. Човекът може да е сърдечен и циничен, приятел и предател, твърде сексуален и напълно фригиден. При това, проявява и двете неща еднакво искрено – т.е. винаги се държи като себе си, няма имитация, фалш или скрити планове. Е, може би авторът не е бил адекватно консултиран по темата. А може пък аз да съм в грешка.

Що се отнася до края на филма – напълно нереалистичен. В началото бях истински разочарована. В живота тази история щеше да свърши по съвсем различен и много мрачен начин. Но после ми мина и реших, че всъщност авторът е искал да ни даде надежда. Надежда, че приятелството и любовта могат да спасяват. Надежда, че човек държи съдбата си в ръцете си, и че понякога късметът работи.

А може би просто е добра художествена измислица, за да не плачем безкрайно и безутешно.

Exit – Day 30, November PAD

Enter the protection mask!
Xerox it for cheaper use
Inside, I anticipate
Terrible futures, so many of them.

© Mariya K, 2020


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