Wasteful Till Addicted to Bruise

I haven’t written for 3WW for a long time. Here are the 3 Words for Wednesday, last week – Wasteful, Addicted, Bruise. This time I felt like a flashy.
Wasteful, addicted, bruise

Wasteful – Addicted – Bruise
“If you’re wasteful in your habits, your body’ll get addicted to bruises.”

A board with that slogan on it hanged on the wall just over the blackboard in our classroom. For four years my eyes fixed on it when looking up. I grew so accustomed to the words that I lost all sense of their meaning. Which, at first, I couldn’t understand. I read and read, but I didn’t see the logic and the idea behind them. Then, one winter morning, we all got the message in a clear crispy tone. Three of our schoolmates were on the sports playground, in their underpants only, bodies bruised badly, heads hanging in utter shame. Large cardboard signs hanged on their necks, and on them one could read: “Wasteful, ergo bruised.”
The trick of the remaining years at the school was to keep from getting addicted.

See you next time 🙂

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It’s been a long time I haven’t written to Wordsmith Studio creative prompts. Here I go again, waiting for spring.


Image by: taliesin www.morguefile.com
Image by: taliesin www.morguefile.com


the end of snowy days,
almost with fear,
I strain to hear what’s behind my door
Petrified by the pictures
I draw for tomorrow
Steadily falling asleep with the images
sorrow will draw for me
spring can be deadly
April can mark the spot
of disentanglement,
and disbelief.

©2014, soulmary

Featured image taken from Wordsmith Studio website


I have reached the end of a wonderful project. I feel the making of my very own second thoughtfully woven chapbook is roughly complete. Somewhere on the way, I realised I wanted to make a depressed and depressing collection of poems, so from that moment on, I consciously tried to subdue all my prompt takes to that streak.
Starting from Daybreak as prompt One, here we come, completing the 28 to Create circle with Daydream:


Image: Joe-Maccer at DeviantArt

I hope no rotting flesh will bother
your sunlight,
and my daydream
of laughter not choked down,
of breath freely taken,
will not corrupt
the way of your decay
towards a grey land of hurried sadness
that has no time for due mourning.

© 2014, soulmary

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I am accepting well-intentioned and polite advice as to my possible future chapbook.

Featured image: Joe-Maccer DA, full credits above.