Flounder Bluster Sensitive

Today, I decided to combine the prompts from two websites into my new poem.

Out of my depth I often flounder
My too-conscious self hardly seeing
Through the mist.

Suddenly, I up and give a shrug. A proud moment.

Then inside I’m still stupefied,
But my outside blusters deafeningly.
Attracting all it can, swollen with tension.

Then I stop breathing to feel my true self
Hush and fake a smile.

© soulmary, 2023

Words I used – Flounder – Shrug – Bluster, come from TTC – three-things challenge for today. And the overall theme – Sensitive, was prompted by Robert on the Poetic Asides blog.

If you click on the links, you will be able to not only see the prompting posts, but also enjoy the work and offerings of many talented and inspiring creative friends.

For the Waves Crashing at the Shore

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

For the Waves

That crashed near the shore all day.
It’s near summer’s end. No risk of over sun exposure –
Just the risk of regretting the insufficiency thereof.

I lay on a chair, all day, facing the waves
that curled, rolled, thundered, whitened
and crashed in billions of snow-white drops
that stole rainbow shine during their erratic flight.

The wave crests are like the snow hurrying
with terrible might down the mountain hill –
an avalanche where whipped cream breaks
in multiple white particles, dust-like,
and sparkling off with rainbow shine over their frightening fall.

(c) MK, 2019

Written for Poetic Asides, Wednesday Prompt #495 – For …


We’re mostly sick of all the days and nights
of empty dreams and hollow clinks
and chinks of glasses
stupid winks

We’re mostly sick
and mostly looking
for value only if we don’t need to spell it
correctly in our souls
and every day of our lives.

(c) 2018 MK

This is what I created for Wednesday Prompt #424 – Sick

Password, acrostic

Hello and Happy New year 2018! That’s a valid thing to say throughout January, so I’m totally up-to-date. Here is something small for today.


Protocol requires that
All access is allowed in exchange for a
Suitable code –
Something cryptic
Only the chosen few can
Down the road

(c) 2018, MK

Did you recognise it? It’s an acrostic, and it was written for Poetic Asides, Wednesday Prompt #421. With plenty of cool verse over there.

Word of the Year 2017

After a long period of silence, it is time for the Wednesday prompt once again! Here is what I wrote this week:

While whiling away the dullest of days
I stopped to consider why I never stop.

The clouds above hid behind curtains of rain,
the ceilings committed numerous crimes:
the sun was all blocked
and stifled – the air,
a sickening yellow was all I could see.

So, that’s how the soul goes –
no drama or loudness,
but simply complicit
to its own self loss.

?©soulmary 09 Dec 2017

My poem was written on a prompt by Poetic Asides, a Writers Digest editor blog. Wednesday Prompt #417

Not Today, April PAD, Day 2

It’s already Day 2 of April, and here’s my poem.

Not Today
I’ll wear a tightly-fitting dress
That shows my pretty curves
And lanky legs
But not today.

I’ll put on pearls or, better, diamonds
That shine the pathway to my cooling heart
And gripping, witty smile
But not today.

I’ll race a flashy bright red car
That turns the heads and minds of all men gaping
And cures their arrogance
But not today.

Today, I’ll wear a tracksuit
And clean the bathroom
Really well,
Because the mould is bad for me?

©2017, MK

Reminiscent, April PAD, Day 1

Reminiscent, a Shadorma
Years ago
Faith was everything
Not so now
Your benefits from belief
And decide.

©2017, Mariya Koleva

New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year, all. 2014 was terribly dynamic and dynamically terrible. I don’t believe in happiness and unhappiness anymore. Perhaps, indifference marks the end of glorious age.

Happy New Year
Image by: kezrek

A Party Poem

The party sucked
and I didn’t need a young child’s tears
to know that.

I didn’t care about the windy road
and dancing snow across it
similar to sand
or Aurora Borealis
because you are with me.

Because Joan Jett was singing
full voice and full guitar on our CD.

Because the “friends” we had
abandoned us,
but that was not the smash
that broke the cheesy party.

How can cheese be broken?

Along the windy frozen road
We didn’t even care to see
the frozen beach.

The party is over,
the New Year came
to stay for 365 days
of grace, amazing news and thrilling kisses.

©2015 MK

Upside Down

Wednesday at Poetic Asides, Prompt #275 – Upside Down Poem

Image: dead-end18
Image: dead-end18

I need to write an upside-down poem –
the moment I spotted the prompt, I rushed
towards it,
as I still remember how very often
I felt like that,
I remembered how strongly I related
to the cliche,
to the awkwardness,
to the confusion.

I rushed to open a new word doc
to simply see:

my life has stopped its topsy-turvy
it’s lost its gullible
and musing edge
that used to threaten
to kick me off my balance
and leave me stranded,
upside down
on a barren, unfamiliar piece
of soul-land.

I realised my life
has calmed, has settled down,
has gained its weight
and lost its unsteadiness
that once made me
on egde,
afraid of the dark,
and adventurously

No upside-down poem
from me
this time around.

©2014, MK

The Morning After: A Wednesday Poetry Prompt

Here is a teenage snap. I love such summer prompts that get me so many years back. Though it was a bitter experience, now it’s just a sweet petit bonbon in the candy box of youth. Smiles:


Image: xxxiriacynthexxx
Image: xxxiriacynthexxx

The Morning After
I drank a full bottle of vodka with you
staring in your eyes, taking in all your words
of encouragement,
while listening to the Sisters of Mercy,
getting convinced by a perfectly stoned girl
that is perfection itself,
and was violently sick and stupid,

after I found my idiotic crescendo
in an attempted chat with
my new replacement,

I woke up, my head – the battleground
for millions exclusively armed with cannons,

to see you having coffee and small talk
with her again
gossiping about my
first time

The perfectly stoned Sisters of Mercy fan
nowhere to be seen.

©2014, MK

Written for the Wednesday Prompt at Poetic Asides, #274 – A Disappointment Poem and shared on the site.