A Sweet Mistake

Poetry Month

A huge mistake – I caught the wrong bus
Then I hopped off at an unfamiliar stop
No coins for the pay phone,
No map to find my way home,
and no time to stroll around the hood.

There you stood,
almost unreal,
smiling, ethereal.

Then you ran to my rescue,
we ran together.
The picture changed in a blink –
the hallway walls were mirrors
that made the place shift,
I lost my balance, nearly fell.

Swaying with the music, you were
still so unreal and still all smiles.
The fourth realm of life, you said,
is where you are.

No more do I remember
until this moment.
Your smile remained with me
to enjoy every moment in every realm
of life.

© 2024, soulmary

Note: My regular prompt site, Poetic Asides asks for a Mistake Poem. Then, the NaPoWriMo site has an interesting prompt again: – this is the topic I choose for a title. Above, you see what it all turned to.

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader