Crocuses, a Shadorma

Recently, I moved to making collages with a mini poem and a photo I myself take. It goes well with haiku as I usually take inspiration from my own surroundings, and it works fine on all the microblogs where I post every now and then.

Here, I can post both the picture and the poem:

Give unscathed smiles,
Withered grass
Coloured with decaying leaves –
Vigour calming down.

Autumn Morning Haiku

I was checking the blogs I follow on Tumblr the other day, when I saw a haibun that provoked some thinking. I usually spend mornings getting ready for work and having coffee and small breakfast while listening to the morning news on one of the TV channels. I don’t do sit down at my coffee contemplating the morning and creating poetry. And why is that? I have all it takes: a nice balcony with flower pots, a view over some tree crowns and a coffee table from where to enjoy it all.

So, the next morning I went straight to it. After making coffee, of course. And I took some pictures to add to my poetry. Here is my haiku of the day, and the collage I made to support it.

No blooms in the pots
Solitary green leaves –
grey morning in autumn.

That was, for real, the first such morning. Summer was so rainy that we waited for it until August. I hoped it would last longer than usual. But now it stepped away to autumn. Not fair at all! We want more!

Haibun is a piece of art where you write a short prose paragraph and add a haiku to it, thus making a whole thing. The blog post that impressed me so much was that of my friend Bjorn Rudberg whom I met through micro poetry originally, and who has since opened to longer forms. All that said, I can now move on to my day.


I see the death of orange, and red, and yellow
I feel the softness below my snickers-clad feet giving way to
Baredness and scarcity
That make me feel sickly cold with the greyness of the sky
The final feast passed without me attending
I just forgot.

I can’t relate to gorging food and drinks inside,
To small talk on random topics, and to smiles,
When fire is dying outside,
When colour is getting buried in sobriety
And spiky nakedness
That prick my eyes

Oh, a feast no one would tell me about
Maybe they invited me, but I didn’t listen…
I forgot
to remember.

(c) 2016 MK

After the Autumn Equinox

This one is still a draft. November PAD, Day 12 – After _

After the Autumn Equinox
There comes a sudden feeling
Of festivity and settled-downness

Longer evenings, still warm
Concealing new thrill,
Secret smiles and
Stolen hand breezes

The days are sunny,
Your skirts are still short
Revealing your lanky suntanned
Summer legs
Which you’ve been growing
All for that.
© 2015, MK

Autumn Mistakes

Of course, wearing a dress in autumn, even when it’s warm is a mistake. My personal history confirms it. So, here’s the poem for Day 9 of my November poem-a-day chapbook

– Mistake –

Was I mistaken?
Was summer still the king?
The fallen leaves were burning
Like a goodbye kiss
Objecting to my stupid question

I was mistaken.
Even more so when I put on a dress.

© 2015, MK

Submerged in Autumn

After several really freezing days, empty of poetry, the Indian summer is here. At night you can see the golden sea on the street.
Submerged in Autumn

One night the sky was brown
And soft
The air warm
As if
The whole town was about to melt

I saw the street submerged
Under the thick golden flakes
Which sent an autumn call
Across the town,
An autumn smell
Across the night.

(c) 2015, MK

Once Upon a Writing Class

This prompt is not very new. I remember writing to it at least once before. I wasn’t happy with the result. The poem you see is the second one I wrote today because I didn’t like my first attempt. I think it was nearly the same as the original one, though I can’t bear to start checking that now.

Once upon a Writing class
The autumn went in through the glass
The warm sun spilled its orange softness
All around the silent room, full of eager listeners.

It felt just like one day in summer
When the sun rays somehow squeezed between my eyelashes
Like silvery sparks,
The sun was brighter then,
And I could see and feel the water glitches
hopping up and down and
Side to side before my very eyes

The professor’s voice was dim and pleasant
In its monotony of steady knowledge
Made me wish I had the same steadiness in everything:
beliefs, ideas, expression.
You know, the overall impression one gives away.

I listened to the voice, and saw the summer sun beams
Still squeezing between the leaves of autumn
Not with regret, or a feeling of incompleteness –
Things were perfect then.
© 2015, MK


Originally, I meant to write haiku for Carpe Diem’s prompt of Eclipse. Obviously, I need to write other stuff, too. Here it is:

Image credit: Smattila
Image credit: Smattila

Eclipsed by destiny
and the craze
of recent summer,
my shells-and-pebbles necklace
is lying quiet on the beach.

Forgotten, looking junk-like
Just a whiff of hot sand
carried with the
harsh October wind.

© 2013 soul mary

September Haiku Heights Finale

Here are the final haiku I wrote for the September Heights of Haiku 2013

#27 – Gold

Blushing before night
the sunset spills melted gold –
a jewel for free.


crooked branches
Image by: dezsii

#28 – Pillow

Amidst the clouds we
see our old dream of future
delude us deep in.


#29 – Mother

Myth of ancient tales
To make some feel worthy.
Truth is only freedom.


#30 – Crooked

Behold the branches
surviving naked and still.
Arching slowly down.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

Chrysanthemum Festival With Geese

**Carpe Diem #306 – Chrysanthemum Festival**

Disheveled head up
Winking in autumn humour
Eyes and hearts at feast.

Image by: sampok
Image by: sampok

**Carpe Diem #307 – Goose**

Flocks straying away
To the far wilderness
Waving high goodbye.

©2013 Mariya Koleva