Submerged in Autumn

After several really freezing days, empty of poetry, the Indian summer is here. At night you can see the golden sea on the street.
Submerged in Autumn

One night the sky was brown
And soft
The air warm
As if
The whole town was about to melt

I saw the street submerged
Under the thick golden flakes
Which sent an autumn call
Across the town,
An autumn smell
Across the night.

(c) 2015, MK

Willows And Their Leaf-Fall

Once again, it’s fall. It’s a bit annoying I do my best and most vigorous poeming in autumn, yet, that is the situation.

willow leaf-fall
Image: theblindalley

Carpe Diem #304 – Willow Leaves Fall

Branches weeping low
River flows remorselessly
Farewell to colour.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

Symphony of Falling Leaves

September Heights #13 – Symphony

Yellow twinkling leaves
Heavy with autumn tiredness
Play the branches bare

Symphony of fall
Swirling in parks and alleys
The grass listens hushed

© 2012 forestlove/m_

It was love at first sight… – Leaf Fall

Carry on Tuesday #126: the opening line from Catch 22 by Joseph Heller “It was love at first sight”


It was love at first sight
Handsome god here resides…
Until the second view revealed reality
Where dream was washed away
By all the dirty cups and ash-trays
By filled-up garbage bag and

That amazing rain outside
With leaf fall whirling fire on
And sweeping all I shun into oblivion.
That was love at first sight!

©2011 Mariya Koleva

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