My Flowing Verse Will Hear Your Heart

Flowing with the current
my flowing verse.

Can you or can’t you
do it yourself
dye it in your favourite colour?

Hear it say
‘I love you.’

Flow, my versatile verse,
canning the can that is doing to do.

Hearts and souls are abundant
for you.

© 2024, soulmary

An amazing prompt today, at Three Things Challenge #M604 – Flowers / Candy / Hearts. Truly deserving the attention in the spirit of today. I am not a fan of this holiday, as it was introduced in my country later and somewhat artificially. Anyway, love is the most important thing in life and it has to be celebrated day in, day out. Celebrate and enjoy other poems at the original prompt site above.

A … Of Love, Day 3 of April PAD

A pinch of love
In your daily broth
Will change its taste forever.
Take that pinch instead of salt.

A wisp of love
In the evening breeze
Can lead you to a different route.
Embrace that sailing wisp.

A speck of love
In your eye
Can shift your vision forever.
Or until you take it out.

©2017, MK

Am Writing: What’s the Big Idea?

Am Writing, Your Eyes
To my loving husband, E.

The lovely eyes of love
The lovely eyes of my love

Am writing about the light in your eyes
which I know of
but rarely do take the time
to stop and stare at,
to sweetly think of.

Am writing about the
gross embarrassment I trudge through
whenever I come back to all
I miss because of all that misses me.

© 2015 Mariya Koleva


This being just about the perfect summer, here is a new poem I just came upon in my mind:

fire love
Image by kujaku

I would like to remember you
And I
In the garden bower
Next to the dying barbecue
Staring at the cloudy sky
Starless and silent
Staring back at
You and me
Young, believing and
In love.

© 2014, MK

Another Love Poem

It is that time again and I post a Love poem. Below my fresh piece, you will find links to other love-themed ones.

April Poem-A-Day 15 – Love Poem

love poem
Image by CelticBeauty

I’ve found you
and I grabbed
and held you tight.

To never let you go.

©2014 Mariya Koleva

Here are some other Love poems I have written: a wordle, a November PAD Poem from nearly four years ago, another poem written for the same challenge, and a Talk-back-to-a-dead-poet one written for November PAD 2012 where I talk back to E.A. Poe.


Back to inspiration:


Jabberwocky –

The Mad Hatter’s fire

for fair Alice

who would crawl back up

to the wedding party

of mediocrity,

herself an adult.

No White Rabbit anymore.

© 2013, soulmary

How to Say “I’m Sorry”

Day 17 – the prompt comes from our amazing Maxie Steer: How to_

Image credit: Emil Penchev

How to say I’m sorry

biting my lips, blinking sleepless eyes

they itch and sting with fear and foreboding;

twitches in my chest, mad butterflies

fluttering their crazy “hello’s”

in my veins,

with gritting teeth, and swooning heart

the shake in my knees

that I feel every time

I see I have to confess


All those are

small pebbles

compared to the huge abyss

I see

in my feet, I can’t cross the crevice

running in my mind

and see the dumb perspective,

the loony alphabet of misery,

explaining all the reasons why

this heart won’t run on water.

I love this pink champagne

and the bubbles

going on and off,

not saying “sorry”, or “forgive me”


Pink champagne is my excuse

to find a better use

to poetry

than writing manuals on

How to say “I’m sorry.”

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Thrilled By You

Day 16 of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge: Use yesterday’s poem’ last line as your first today 🙂 I’m so lucky that my yesterday’s last is so awesome!

Image credit: Rebecca Barray


Thrilled by you

Never let me be


© soulmary

How Much is Love?

Write a poem that talks back to a dead poet. That is the prompt Daniel Ari suggested for Day 8 of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook project. The first poet who came to my mind was Edgar Allan Poe, of course. Why of course? I’m not sure. Maybe because he is one of my most favorite poets, maybe because he was Capricorn, or because he was prone to depression and despair… just like me. Hopefully, I’m not to meet such an awful end as him. I can only hope that, because some 18 months ago a translator and poet acquaintance of mine met just that same kind of end. The gruesome thing is that I translated some of her poetry in English and one of the poems started just like a description of the place she was found. I think of that all to often. … Uhm, let’s go to the poem, though.

Image credit: The Edgar Allan Poe Society in Baltimore website

“We loved with a love that was more than love” – Edgar Allan Poe


How would one know the quantity and quality of love?

Where do we find a definition

Proportioning and specifying what is much,

What – many more,

Or less, and bigger?


Can we measure love

By the life we live with it?

Why we suffer love when life is lost?

Can love be single,

And still matter


© soulmary

— For the full poem Annabel Lee by E.A. Poe click here


Writing a Circular poem for today, Day 7 of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge means we have to either write about something circular, or in a circular form, or whatever we prefer to associate “circular” with. This is a great prompt and I enjoyed it very much.

Image credit: Dreams Time



Whenever I reach back

To remember you and me,

Hand in hand, strolling in the park

I have to turn my gaze and see

My little one

Remind me of myself,

Hand in hand with Daddy.


Her lovely chestnut curls,

Her shiny eyes like olives,

Her tiny hand in grip of mine,

Her slender body curled asleep

Just next to me,

Remind me of myself

and you, Dad.


The circle is complete.

© soulmary