Symphony of Falling Leaves

September Heights #13 – Symphony

Yellow twinkling leaves
Heavy with autumn tiredness
Play the branches bare

Symphony of fall
Swirling in parks and alleys
The grass listens hushed

© 2012 forestlove/m_

7 replies on “Symphony of Falling Leaves”

  1. Sara v says:

    Beautiful! Love that phrase “heavy with autumn tiredness” 🙂

  2. lovely imagery and powerful haiku. I love the second one.

  3. viv blake says:

    Gorgeous. Symphony of fall is a lovely phrase.

  4. knot2share says:

    I love the second one too!

  5. Leo says:

    “play the branches bare”… elicits an image to mind. As if its a violin or guitar, the tree.. and nature playing it till it’s nothing but bare.

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