The Wind of Change in August 1989

On 12-13 August 1989, there was a Peace Music Festival in Moscow. Of course, I didn’t know the title then. I just knew plenty of rock bands went there to perform. A thrilling summer. Not for political reasons. There are several summers in everyone’s life that are more thrilling than usual.
Another draft: November PAD, Day 13 – A Memory poem

In 1989, Scorpions went to Moscow
And played the Wind of Change on Lenin Stadium

Broadcasting live on the Russian National
Reaching our TV sets
At least, the good ones.

At rather unacceptable hours –
After midnight

The snowflake-covered screen showed no real picture
Played no real sound
Apart from the white noise.

The time for change had come
Only I didn’t know it yet.
© 2015, MK

After the Autumn Equinox

This one is still a draft. November PAD, Day 12 – After _

After the Autumn Equinox
There comes a sudden feeling
Of festivity and settled-downness

Longer evenings, still warm
Concealing new thrill,
Secret smiles and
Stolen hand breezes

The days are sunny,
Your skirts are still short
Revealing your lanky suntanned
Summer legs
Which you’ve been growing
All for that.
© 2015, MK

My Summer Is a Tiger

That’s the result of working with a theme. You aren’t at a loss about how to approach an overused prompt. So, here is November PAD, Day 11 – An animal poem

Summer was a tiger
Spiraling to leaf fall
Where it fell asleep
Blending in its ochre

Rains and leaf mass rot
Filtering it through
To the other side of the planet

My summer is a tiger
Roaming in its wilderness.
© 2015, MK

Once Upon a Writing Class

This prompt is not very new. I remember writing to it at least once before. I wasn’t happy with the result. The poem you see is the second one I wrote today because I didn’t like my first attempt. I think it was nearly the same as the original one, though I can’t bear to start checking that now.

Once upon a Writing class
The autumn went in through the glass
The warm sun spilled its orange softness
All around the silent room, full of eager listeners.

It felt just like one day in summer
When the sun rays somehow squeezed between my eyelashes
Like silvery sparks,
The sun was brighter then,
And I could see and feel the water glitches
hopping up and down and
Side to side before my very eyes

The professor’s voice was dim and pleasant
In its monotony of steady knowledge
Made me wish I had the same steadiness in everything:
beliefs, ideas, expression.
You know, the overall impression one gives away.

I listened to the voice, and saw the summer sun beams
Still squeezing between the leaves of autumn
Not with regret, or a feeling of incompleteness –
Things were perfect then.
© 2015, MK

Come With Me

Here is a new piece I wrote for a prompt at Carry On Tuesday, a site where I haven’t contributed for a long time. The other poems I have written after Keith’s prompts can be found here, here and here. Enjoy!
Carry On Tuesday #204
If you would like to read the original poem: Come With Me, I Said And No One Knew (VII) by Pablo Neruda, click here!


Come with me, I said,
as if to no one
The breeze alone would
whistle soft by me.

Come with me, I whispered
in detachment.
I’m going home, I thought
alone if that’s to be.

Alone, in that bright day
in sunny August
the afternoon of tall grass
and blue skies

That hushed wheat field endured
the hum of bumblebees and
orange tint of peace.

Come with me, as I stroll lonely
into a fairy tale
I saw through my closing lashes
before I let myself
into the heavy honey of
summer nap.

© 2013, Mariya Koleva

The Circus moves away, Day 28

NaPoWriMo, Day 28


The Circus

folds its tents

it packs its ropes

cajoles its animals

to their cages

It rails its wagons

The train

Or caravans

The trailers

Drive away


The field it leaves

Is empty

Of the shrieks

And jolly hops

Of the children’s eyes

Wide open

With amazement

Of their mouths

Full of sugar cotton


And their hands

Full-laden with

Fake jewelry


The field it leaves

Remains abandoned

By the magic

It held on

All summer


Summer’s gone.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Summer afternoon, Day 10

NaPoWriMo, Day 10

Haiku Heights – Summer 

Birds and trees are hushed

Air still and bees don’t buzz

Summer afternoon


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

EASY, September Summer Breeze

I have not poemed for a long time now. I reckon summer is not the best season for poeming with me. These days, I have been checking the prompt sites for new inspirations. Sunday Scribblings came up with EASY prompt. And, here is my poem.



The breezes of September summer
Swing swift and soft before my eyes
Laying leaves of lovely languor
To light my path till sunrise.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Monday Mentions

It’s Monday again and it is time for the #Mondaymentions. This week I prefer this trend to its alternative #Mondaymindfulness because there are a few things I would like to … well, mention.

First one is I suddenly found myself among summer. Somehow, I missed the spring, if it came at all. Honestly speaking, I really doubt it. We were keeping a watchful eye for spring, so that we may go for a picknick out of town and show our little girl some “natural items” she is familiar with only through books. So, if ever spring was here, I must have been fast asleep. No use crying over spilt milk, though. This past week we went from wearing turtle necks and boots to short sleeves and slippers. Given the suddenness of it, I must admit I managed valiantly and we spent a wonderful morning at the beach. We managed to show our little girl things that she had not yet met in books, mainly because she has no books featuring sandy beaches at the seaside. Not a great drawback, come to think of it, as we actually live about 20 minutes from the beach. Walking, that is. Ha-ha, does that shock you? Well, if it does, it should – that was exactly my intention. If it doesn’t shock you, well – maybe you live at the seaside, too and just happen to know what it feels like (which is exactly “nothing special”, but that will be for internal use only ;-))

Second is, I snapped out of a particularly depressed period. Those periods tend to get longer and longer. Soon, they threaten to take up most of the year. Funny thing with my depressed periods is that while I am in one, I don’t feel like sharing and explaining. Once I step out of it, I don’t feel like recalling it at all. So, those bleak times remain safely locked within my head and in my beloved people’s minds, as they have the bad luck of getting the worst of it.

Third thing is I am listening to The Scorpions (Always Somewhere… miss you where I am) and this brings back so sweet, or rather bitter-sweet memories of the time I was a shy teenager, and so much more.

Happy Monday all! Never fail to enjoy!