Emotions Haunt Poem – Day 19, April PAD

Emotions Haunt Me
They never let me rest
They constantly obsess
my days
and they possess
possible control
and power

Haunting me like ghosts
hurling me from heaven high
to dusky lows.
Haunted and hunted
I belong to them
and they to me
Until one sets the other free
Whenever will that be?

© 2024, soulmary

Exit – Day 30, November PAD

Enter the protection mask!
Xerox it for cheaper use
Inside, I anticipate
Terrible futures, so many of them.

© Mariya K, 2020


Wanting the Power to Keep Up – Day 29, November PAD

For all struggles there’s a plan
bringing you where you want.

Not enough, though, not at all.
I’m still wanting the power
to keep up with the plan.

© Mariya K, 2020

Remix of Nightmares – Day 28, November PAD

Every nightmare has the essence of a dream
In a distant day and land
Beyond all we can see or touch.

Still curious about the rule, about the rhythm,
I listen carefully to what nightmares say.

They scream in silence,
as the sleeper will provide the noise.

They also speak abundantly,
but I don’t know a tad of their language.

© Mariya K, 2020

What’s Next – Day 27, November PAD

Slowly, autumn fades.
The bare branches rattle –
no home for the birds.

© Mariya K, 2020

Thankful – Day 26, November PAD

Yellow grace dancing
in swirling serenity
Slowly, autumn fades.

© Mariya K, 2020

Exaggerated – Day 25, November Poem-A-Day

Hateful and wishful to cut all links
to teasers and trolls;

Live-streaming to fear from the rat race
chasing the thunder;

Peaceful indulgence for cherry-pie loves
and all the accompanying college-girl spite
tires me out-of-the-worldly
bringing the cosmos together on this very plate just under my nose.

© Mariya K, 2020

Process notes: I suppose, with the month’s end coming, I get more tired of poeming seriously. So, this is just a playful word weaving.

Explanation – Day 23, November PAD

Do you need
an explanation?
Can’t you see

it’s harvest?
Unknown and greedy it looks.

Quickly, the night train!

© Mariya K, 2020

Birds – Day 22, November PAD

Terrible beak, powerful claws
high wind whirling with the wing sway,
dinosaurs as ancestors.

Singing angelically in the palace golden cage,
a multicoloured bird – a dinosaur descendant,
kept and admired as a symbol of innocence.

Be it as cute as Tweety or as awe-inspiring as the eagle,
the dinosaur lineage is there, if we want to see it.

© Mariya K, 2020

Tell – Day 21, November PAD

you are free to tell all ugly truths to
those you dislike.

Yet, who cares
after half a year in isolation?

You’d better tell lies
if teleworking is what you need
to tell the truth.

© Mariya K, 2020