Emotions Haunt Poem – Day 19, April PAD

Emotions Haunt Me
They never let me rest
They constantly obsess
my days
and they possess
possible control
and power

Haunting me like ghosts
hurling me from heaven high
to dusky lows.
Haunted and hunted
I belong to them
and they to me
Until one sets the other free
Whenever will that be?

© 2024, soulmary

Dainty-haunting-tantalise, 3WW

3WW – dainty-haunting-tantalise

Dedicated to all suffering in Japan.


Contrary to all we feel,

the Earth is dainty

you see cars chucked aside by water,

as if small shells before the wave we make by hand.

Fractured images are haunting

filling us with awe.

We pause.

They don’t.

Tantalising our mind

regarding what will be.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Bulgarian-language version


Крехка е земята, противно на познатото.

От снимки ни преследва този страх,

че утре няма.

Частични образи ни карат да замлъкнем,

докато те крещят.

Умът застива без да знае

какво ще бъде.


© 2011 Мария Колева