Wasteful Till Addicted to Bruise

I haven’t written for 3WW for a long time. Here are the 3 Words for Wednesday, last week – Wasteful, Addicted, Bruise. This time I felt like a flashy.
Wasteful, addicted, bruise

Wasteful – Addicted – Bruise
“If you’re wasteful in your habits, your body’ll get addicted to bruises.”

A board with that slogan on it hanged on the wall just over the blackboard in our classroom. For four years my eyes fixed on it when looking up. I grew so accustomed to the words that I lost all sense of their meaning. Which, at first, I couldn’t understand. I read and read, but I didn’t see the logic and the idea behind them. Then, one winter morning, we all got the message in a clear crispy tone. Three of our schoolmates were on the sports playground, in their underpants only, bodies bruised badly, heads hanging in utter shame. Large cardboard signs hanged on their necks, and on them one could read: “Wasteful, ergo bruised.”
The trick of the remaining years at the school was to keep from getting addicted.

See you next time 🙂

PS. And here is a link to the original posting where you can read what the others have come up with.

Wake Up, Shake It Off

A Sour Love Poem

Going with my fingers through your greasy hair,
I remembered how much I wanted to touch you
in spring
how much I desired your lips
in the rainy afternoons while walking to my private composition lessons.

Seeing the hellish grin on your new girlfriend’s face,
I felt as if a thin blade went through my body
very thin and very cold
at the same time burning me
with shame
and filthy disgust.

The moment of waking ignited my rage
very short-lived rage
which died in indifference
Because the waking was real.

© 2015, MK

Note: These were written for this week’s prompt at Three Word Wednesday: Greasy, Hellish, Ignite

It’s wonderful… Sijo

This week the prompt of 3WW is deviant, minuscule, trivial; I answer with a Sijo (traditional Korean unrhymed 3-line poem)

There is unused abundance of deviant ideas
However, they are all tremendously minuscule in nature.
It’s wonderful how trivial objections hinder us.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

And a cute flowery image, having nothing to do with the poem 🙂

How we make history

three-word-wednesday, Feb 1st, 2012, Wed.


Join us to see
how we make history
by making movies
that move.

We detach soul
from the heart
And mind from the brain.

Next, we make the pony
jolt and hop
as high as he can
as fast as it’s possible
or reasonable.

Soul surges,
mind the height
of the ceiling;
And the blindness
of your mind.

Picture is detached from sound
The tape jolts inside that magical machine
All audience is standing
Spirit surges
And applause

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

I dance away …

These days I have been making earnest efforts to get back in track with poetry prompts and to get down to some serious poeming. Sadly, it has not been going so well. Here is my answer to the prompt by 3WW – Backward, Ease, Omission:


A slighting omission
Might take me backward;
Yet, I dance away
At perfect ease with you.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Almost a poem, NaPoWriMo, day 11

Here are the prompts on which I acted: Sunday Scribblings – Messenger; One Single Impression – Epidemic; Poets United – Headlines; Theme Thursday – Face; We Write Poems – Almost a poem; Three Word Wednesday – Adamant-Fabricate-Peculiar

The messenger was adamant:
Those headlines had not been fabricated
And we were facing
A peculiar and epidemic poem,
Whose weirdest peculiarity
That it was “almost a poem”.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Dainty-haunting-tantalise, 3WW

3WW – dainty-haunting-tantalise

Dedicated to all suffering in Japan.


Contrary to all we feel,

the Earth is dainty

you see cars chucked aside by water,

as if small shells before the wave we make by hand.

Fractured images are haunting

filling us with awe.

We pause.

They don’t.

Tantalising our mind

regarding what will be.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Bulgarian-language version


Крехка е земята, противно на познатото.

От снимки ни преследва този страх,

че утре няма.

Частични образи ни карат да замлъкнем,

докато те крещят.

Умът застива без да знае

какво ще бъде.


© 2011 Мария Колева

3WW, affinity-fidget-mention

3WW – affinity, fidget, mention


Hop off – this train is moving slowly.

That fidgety sensation in your brain

is just illusion gliding on the funky rail.

Affinity to wondrous sites awaken,

will make us able to just mention it away.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Figure-juicy-stress, 3WW

The prompt by Three-Word Wednesday (3WW) comprise these three: figure, juicy and stress. I somehow managed to combine them:


For young girls looking for a father-figure

This may be weirdly sensational at times

That juicy details will forever linger

Though stress is off the gossip trail.