Our Yard Today – Haibun

Joyfully sipping the picture with eyes, absorbing the blueness of the skies, I sit, humbly and quietly. Gazing into the distance, and then, in the tree crown towering above my yard. The gate is a portal leading to anotherness, a guard keeping our bliss within. High in the sky, birds fly their happy flights. Birds in the tree chirp lulling me into soft euphory.

Blue and blissful sky
Trees – the home for sweet songs
Blossom petals floating.

© 2023, soulmary

I’m not even sure what I did is haibun by all its rules. But it was great fun trying to do this, and this has been my first attempt at this form. Check the original prompt at the Poetic Bloomings blog and see what you can do with the prompt. Also, there are other very nice poems there to read.

Home-coming to the Bloom

Today, one of my favourite prompt sites published an interesting topic. You can read more in the process notes below my attempt at a poem. In fact, the notes are the comment I left on Marie Elena and Wolt’s site.

The long road wound to a stop into this garden
Where the fairy house still stands.

I can see white curtains in the windows,
smoke rolls playful from the chimney,
Sage drying under the eaves.

A place to see and to believe.

To think I had been away for what feels like forever, and I come to one of my favourite poetry communities in this particular moment! I remember when it started, in the spring of 2011. Marie Elena and Wolt were already in creative cooperation on Across Lake Eerie (forgive me if I mistake the title), and this space appeared on those creative grounds. I was in a particularly sunny place in my life and universe back then. I “poem-ed” happily away, day in day out. Recently, I woke up to the idea I should come back. My problem is I haven’t used English for a long time, and haven’t written any poems, in whatever language, so I step on shaky feet towards embracing this idea.

When I visited the website a couple of days ago and saw you still post regular prompts, I felt warmth, almost like coming home from a hostile and tiresome journey. Now, that I read the opening sentence of this post, well, honestly, I’m not sure what to say.
So, I’ll say Hi and happy to see you, Marie Elena and Wolt. I hope you remember me ?

And so that you can enjoy the wonderful work the two of them have been doing for over a decade, please visit their blog. The experience will be enriching, inspiring and lovely.

The Stew

The wordle of Sunday Whirl #292:

sweet, touch, months, adds, stew, cask, red, smoke, sunshine, velvety, foothills, long

* The Stew *

All these months denied
The simple sweet touch
I expected from them.

Sweetness adds some red sunshine
To the choppy foothills I have to walk
In long, velvety afternoons.

Instead, they served warm stew
Cooked in casks hidden in the cellar
Amidst the tasty smoke of satiation.

©2017, MK

Wake Up, Shake It Off

A Sour Love Poem

Going with my fingers through your greasy hair,
I remembered how much I wanted to touch you
in spring
how much I desired your lips
in the rainy afternoons while walking to my private composition lessons.

Seeing the hellish grin on your new girlfriend’s face,
I felt as if a thin blade went through my body
very thin and very cold
at the same time burning me
with shame
and filthy disgust.

The moment of waking ignited my rage
very short-lived rage
which died in indifference
Because the waking was real.

© 2015, MK

Note: These were written for this week’s prompt at Three Word Wednesday: Greasy, Hellish, Ignite

Happiness, A Midweek Motif at Poets United

Poets United, Midweek Motif – Happiness

First, some process notes. There is an advertisement campaign going on at the moment, appealing to us to “collect our happiness in three designer’s glasses”. The idea that happiness can be contained in three glasses only seemed funny. Then, I found this amazing glass made by a Belgrad-based designer and really decided to show it.


Cipher Glass Design by Damjan Stankovic
Cipher Glass Design by Damjan Stankovic


Measure it in three glasses.
Pour it out
and drink it chilled.

I will need buckets to take all
the stuff I’ve considered
my happiness.

I will surely refuse to count
the vessels
and the volume units
of what I’ve thought
my happiness.

I will surely refuse to
define it,

I’ll have it my way,
and let happiness define me.

©2014, MK

Apologies accepted, another Day 3

Let us continue poeming as the last minutes of Day 3 ticked away before I could post this. Here is my Third 3rd prompt for the day. It comes from Poetic Asides – apologetic or non-apologetic poem. I’m sorry or not.



My tired eyes

have said it all

Exhaustion’s grip has made me humble

My eyes of languor

and dreams of linger

apologise for staying longer

than time and patience

for which we had,

indeed, agreed.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

No reason, Acrostic

Acrostic Only, March prompts:

#TW No Reason

N either here nor there

O r, in fact, anywhere


R everies invite us off

E scaping any real cause

A nd just skating through

S lopes and crossing planes

O nly listening to sounds

N ot looking for results


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

What won’t wait… – Nov PAD, Day 7

2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 7 – What won’t wait poem


What won’t wait?
Well, I suppose
Anything could wait.
If it needs identity.

Unidentified phenomena
won’t wait.
But then,
who cares?

I don’t.
And what is more
I won’t


© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Addict poem – NovPAD, Day 6

The previous three days I was away and I scratched my poems in a notebook, so I still need to type them in here. That will be later. Now, let’s move to the latest scream and read…

The prompt for Day 6 is to write an addict poem.


this sun above will always shine
and we will be forever glued
to gaze at its beginnings
and its endings,
without a thought to miss
just one or two
as I’m addicted hopelessly to you.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva