Spring and Eclipse – Day 8 of April PAD

The Warm Weather
has been tiptoeing in the city,
throwing furtive looks in windows,
balconies and backyards.

The moon has tiptoed in front of the sun
to make us wear paper glasses online
and post prolific safety tips and random bare toes.

©2024, soulmary

Ostara, the Spring Equinox Full Moon

Let’s talk about tomorrow’s full moon, the one nearest to the spring equinox, the Ostara. Undoubtedly, you can recognise the common root of this word and the Christian Easter. The coming spring and the raised spirits with returning nature’s lush are a common part of all festivities. We cannot find any biblical grounds for the eggs, for example. The widely-proclaimed story of Mary Magdalene bringing an egg to Tiberius Caesar to announce the raising of Jesus from the dead is of unsure origin. There is no word in the Bible itself regarding this event. In Wiccan tradition, however, eggs and greenleaf spring vegetables play an important role. They remind us of the renewal forces of nature. The egg will develop into a living creature, and the newly sprouted leaves will vary our table with their freshness and put an end to our winter-time diet of preserved and canned food.
This year’s full moon is just around the corner – it’s tomorrow and the hour depends on where in the world you are. Astronomical spring comes right with it, the season changes, a new stage of the year begins.

Image by armennano on Pixabay

It’s a good time for cleaning your house and your soul. Open the windows wide and throw out all you have been keeping but not using for the last couple of months. After the fresh air has penetrated every nook in your house and your soul, don’t sit down to rest. Go out for a walk and feast your eyes and spirit in the renewing nature. Late in the evening come back and rest in your new sheets.
For better cleansing of your body, you can also restrain from too much food for the day of the full moon and the following 2 days. Eat light, abstain from alcohol and revel in the light of the magical moon.
If you like yoga, the full moon is a great time to practice the less known Chandra Namascar – the Moon Salutation complex.

Jasmine and rose are the scents you can add to your everyday lives along with anything else you love, of course. Flow naturally!

Day 7 Discovery

This year I didn’t notice spring come. I simply found out it was here. 


Another orchard
Sleeps in blue insomnia –
Growth despite blindness.

©2017, MK

Day 6 – a Sound Poem

Chimes glisten. Move subtly.
Breeze invites their nature out –
Spring chimes blossoms in.

©2017, mk

The Stew

The wordle of Sunday Whirl #292:

sweet, touch, months, adds, stew, cask, red, smoke, sunshine, velvety, foothills, long

* The Stew *

All these months denied
The simple sweet touch
I expected from them.

Sweetness adds some red sunshine
To the choppy foothills I have to walk
In long, velvety afternoons.

Instead, they served warm stew
Cooked in casks hidden in the cellar
Amidst the tasty smoke of satiation.

©2017, MK


Time to look at spring time wonders. And obey the Three-word Wednesday prompt. This week’s words are: abandoned, babyish, and cunning.


Like an abandoned toddler
That grows defying circumstance,
A crocus raises an unruly head

Its babyish and slender burn,
Resilient and cunning,
Leads the way of life’s return.

© 2017, soulmary

The Spring Is Trying

This is my Sunday Whirl participation this week. Rather surprisingly, on time. It’s been a terrible beginning of March in this part of the woods, to be honest. No more waiting, here is the pool of words and here is the poem, too.

Sunday Wordle 203 by Brenda Warren
Image taken from prompt site

The spring makes snowy attempts
to be delivered,
tearing cables and posts down
like blasphemy of weather.

A whole land plagued
by blizzards,
born to be tossed
in disasters.

We are dreaming of the rustling trees,
of dry grass and sweet air,
that will keep on like that
and yield photos to be envied.

So far, “All hands on deck!”
is the summon spring has for us.

(c) 2015, forestlove

Shared to Sunday Whirl #203, prompt for March 15th.


It’s been a long time I haven’t written to Wordsmith Studio creative prompts. Here I go again, waiting for spring.


Image by: taliesin www.morguefile.com
Image by: taliesin www.morguefile.com


the end of snowy days,
almost with fear,
I strain to hear what’s behind my door
Petrified by the pictures
I draw for tomorrow
Steadily falling asleep with the images
sorrow will draw for me
spring can be deadly
April can mark the spot
of disentanglement,
and disbelief.

©2014, soulmary

Featured image taken from Wordsmith Studio website

Weeping Cherry

Have you ever heard of a weeping cherry? I never have. Obviously, it exists. The most amazing thing about art is that you may write about anything, even if you only imagine it. No need for reality. At least, that much of reality. Of course, strictly speaking, we wouldn’t go far without a standing point 🙂 

After a long absence from haiku, I am back. I hope this one is not too clumsy.

Carpe Diem Imagination #4 – Weeping Cherry Thanks to Kristjaan, a worthy haiku poet, friend of mine 😉


Image credit: Carpe Diem Blog


weeping in blossom

what heart sees, eyelashes feel

pink cherry weeping


© 2013, Mariya Koleva

Loudly In Sotto-Voce

Poetic Bloomings #98

Mean What You Say… sort of – The very fun prompt suggested by Walt comprises a list of words whose antonyms we are supposed to use to make our poems.

### Here are the original suggestions and then, my chosen antonyms ###

impair – sanction; 
timidity – boldness;
chaste – corrupted;
sober – naive;
power – weakness;
loudly – sotto-voce;
angel – demon;
transparent – obscure;
skulduggery – purity;
problem – strength


Springtime boldness of desire, sanctioning our weakness,

Corrupted, though naive, just whispering

In sotto-voce, like a demon struggling

To obscure our judgment, our better wisdom

And fighting back the purity of frost

The silent strength of winter in our souls,

Is here.


© 2013 soul mary