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The Spring Is Trying

This is my Sunday Whirl participation this week. Rather surprisingly, on time. It’s been a terrible beginning of March in this part of the woods, to be honest. No more waiting, here is the pool of words and here is the poem, too.

Sunday Wordle 203 by Brenda Warren

Image taken from prompt site

The spring makes snowy attempts
to be delivered,
tearing cables and posts down
like blasphemy of weather.

A whole land plagued
by blizzards,
born to be tossed
in disasters.

We are dreaming of the rustling trees,
of dry grass and sweet air,
that will keep on like that
and yield photos to be envied.

So far, “All hands on deck!”
is the summon spring has for us.

(c) 2015, forestlove

Shared to Sunday Whirl #203, prompt for March 15th.

A Double Toss in the Air, Echo Poem

28 to Create, Day 26 – Echo Day 2. An echo poem is literally, a line-to-line opposite to the original. I did that more than once. My first attempt was with T.S.Eliot’s Waste Land and you may read it here. The other echo poem I wrote was for Day 15 of this very challenge, is an echo of Mayakovsky and can be read here.

The mighty roar quakes my inner soul
All air flees before it, frightened
Reaching the top, it slides down embarrassed
The hills that were bare
Look weirdly chaotic now –
rocks and grass entangled in the sun.
The silent waters washing my shore
choke on their slumber.

© 2014, soulmary

This poem is echoed on one written by a fellow-poet participating in the 28 to Create. Annmarie Lockhart and her poem Two Kinds of Quiet served as inspiration. Read the original poem on her blog.

field dividing wind

Wind Storm

We continue with the Carpe Diem very rich prompts. They keep on coming, I can hardly catch up.

field dividing wind

Image credit: werol

Carpe Diem #302 – Windstorm

Wind bears my soul
Grinding and scraping the field
Outside the window.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva


October 2012, Carpe Diem #02 – Storm


inside my soul sleeps

a storm which opens my eyes

to make me silent

© 2012 Mariya Koleva