A Double Toss in the Air, Echo Poem

28 to Create, Day 26 – Echo Day 2. An echo poem is literally, a line-to-line opposite to the original. I did that more than once. My first attempt was with T.S.Eliot’s Waste Land and you may read it here. The other echo poem I wrote was for Day 15 of this very challenge, is an echo of Mayakovsky and can be read here.

The mighty roar quakes my inner soul
All air flees before it, frightened
Reaching the top, it slides down embarrassed
The hills that were bare
Look weirdly chaotic now –
rocks and grass entangled in the sun.
The silent waters washing my shore
choke on their slumber.

© 2014, soulmary

This poem is echoed on one written by a fellow-poet participating in the 28 to Create. Annmarie Lockhart and her poem Two Kinds of Quiet served as inspiration. Read the original poem on her blog.

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader