Home-coming to the Bloom

Today, one of my favourite prompt sites published an interesting topic. You can read more in the process notes below my attempt at a poem. In fact, the notes are the comment I left on Marie Elena and Wolt’s site.

The long road wound to a stop into this garden
Where the fairy house still stands.

I can see white curtains in the windows,
smoke rolls playful from the chimney,
Sage drying under the eaves.

A place to see and to believe.

To think I had been away for what feels like forever, and I come to one of my favourite poetry communities in this particular moment! I remember when it started, in the spring of 2011. Marie Elena and Wolt were already in creative cooperation on Across Lake Eerie (forgive me if I mistake the title), and this space appeared on those creative grounds. I was in a particularly sunny place in my life and universe back then. I “poem-ed” happily away, day in day out. Recently, I woke up to the idea I should come back. My problem is I haven’t used English for a long time, and haven’t written any poems, in whatever language, so I step on shaky feet towards embracing this idea.

When I visited the website a couple of days ago and saw you still post regular prompts, I felt warmth, almost like coming home from a hostile and tiresome journey. Now, that I read the opening sentence of this post, well, honestly, I’m not sure what to say.
So, I’ll say Hi and happy to see you, Marie Elena and Wolt. I hope you remember me ?

And so that you can enjoy the wonderful work the two of them have been doing for over a decade, please visit their blog. The experience will be enriching, inspiring and lovely.

Exercise in Poetry Thoughts

Inspired by my friends, Marie Elena and Walt, on their blog, Poetic Bloomings. This is a list of words: walk, Autumn, carrot, lake, race, embrace, song, throw, annual, ego – and as the first step of the exercise, we need to write a sentence using each. Sentences are not connected, however, they need to have some poetic potential.

1. I walk alone in the garden of Eden where flowers bloom in fairy tale haze.
2. Autumn follows summer playing with it, not chasing, just singing in a duet of increasingly ragged tunes.
3. The best sun screens for children contain carrots thus making a jolly triangle of orange childhood.
4. Mirroring the snow-white peak is the lake, quietly caressing me.
5. You can’t win at a rat race unless you’re a rat.
6. Yoga teachers always say, “Embrace yourself”. Are we allowed to pray?
7. Who can hear the song of the cricket?
8. Throw a ball of snow.
9. I used to take part in annual competitions, I used to be thrilled and wanted to win.
10. One’s greatest struggle is the one for subduing one’s ego.

To see other poets’ worthy lines, Poetic Blooming website is at a click distance.
I can’t wait to see what the next step will be.


Sweet and Bitter Stuff of Wonder
where I stash away my ramblings,
in dark corners (as I believe)

where I add some sweet, but mostly bitter
words that show my wonder at the sad world
and my wailing soul
(which wails for no obvious reason, my reason is stupefied)

Where are the sweet pieces?
My name translates as
“Sea of bitterness”
A coincidence?

Written for a prompt site for which I haven’t written for a long time, the community of my friends Marie and Walt, Poetic Bloomings #210 – Whatchamacallit.


For a long time I have not written to Poetic Bloomings prompts, although I keep an eye. Today has been a good day, in practical terms. The result, though, could have been better. I constantly suffer from comparison with others – they are always much better… No excuse for failure.

pb-1styearPoetic Bloomings #117 – Baffled
How come I stood all day
just wondering when time would come
and pondering it over?

My plans and dreams
turning to bleak irritation
when the day grew into an evening,
then night

and I’ve done nothing
all that day
but plan.

© 2013, soul mary


Spring is almost here. Green is about to burst. The Wordsmith Studio Friday Poetry Prompt is Green. The Poetic Bloomings Prompt #99 is Green. Hm, Poetic Bloomings is about to have its Centennial Prompt next week 🙂 



Green has millions of colours

Millions of eyes to see it

Innocence, naivete or simply freshness

In the mountains of summer


© 2013 Mariya Koleva

Loudly In Sotto-Voce

Poetic Bloomings #98

Mean What You Say… sort of – The very fun prompt suggested by Walt comprises a list of words whose antonyms we are supposed to use to make our poems.

### Here are the original suggestions and then, my chosen antonyms ###

impair – sanction; 
timidity – boldness;
chaste – corrupted;
sober – naive;
power – weakness;
loudly – sotto-voce;
angel – demon;
transparent – obscure;
skulduggery – purity;
problem – strength


Springtime boldness of desire, sanctioning our weakness,

Corrupted, though naive, just whispering

In sotto-voce, like a demon struggling

To obscure our judgment, our better wisdom

And fighting back the purity of frost

The silent strength of winter in our souls,

Is here.


© 2013 soul mary

Friends with Words, Evasive Wordle

After a long, longish absence, I am happy to be back on the Poetic Bloomings site and on one of their prompts. This is a great and curious prompt. You know how a wordle works, right? Well, this, as I called it “Evasive Wordle” works almost the same way. Only, you have to replace the original words with synonyms or descriptions. Or, were descriptions allowed? Hm, not sure, but anyway, I used some.

Here is the wordpool:  challenge, common, mask, skill, origin, love, night, drink, beauty, death

Enjoy my Evasive Wordle, entitled

Gorgeous Sight on the Dance Stage 

The gorgeous sight on the dance stage

before my eyes

is a harsh ordeal

beyond my ability, yet

I have to overcome it

while wearing the dull disguise

of one seeking escape of life –

its boredom and affection.


My ability abandons me

from dusk till dawn.

I have to sit and sip in lonely gulps

what someone brings me,

of nature unknown,

just to see my leering mirror reflection

and remember the gorgeous sight on the dance stage.


© 2013, Mariya Koleva

who do you think you are


A very good question, asked by Marie Elena and Walt at Poetic Bloomings – Prompt #66


Mellow as a rotting melon

Arrogant beyond belief and reason

Raw and rigid as barbarian

Interested in plenty things, ignorant of most

Young in spirit, yawning all the time

Ambitious to leave a trace, futile.


Kilograms of tears, kilotons of explosion – all too easily spent

Outstanding when it comes to theory

Loving mainly herself

Enthusiastic to dive in regular depressions

Very hard to please, impossible to live with

After all that above, should we really care?


2012, Mariya Koleva


Along my palm-line, Poetic Bloomings #57

Poetic Bloomings #57 – The Walk of Life


the walk of life lies

beyond the pond of liking

along my palm-line


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Tri-Coupled Sestet, after Poetic Bloomings

Hello, here is Marie and Walt’s form-prompt in Poetic Bloomings: Tri-Coupled Sestet. You can read the rules as per Mike Grove (special feature for the form) extensively on their site.

I myself may simply add that the form is very difficult for me (as are all forms, in fact) and it will go very well with music. My poem is pure trash, but it observes the rules 😀 Anyway, enjoy!


Believe you me, I’m not afraid
I simply need to get well-paid
In trance expecting chance will fly away from me.
It’s really sad to trust in numbers
But not so bad to live in glamour
While life runs by and gives no reason to believe.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

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