Monday Mentions

It’s Monday again and it is time for the #Mondaymentions. This week I prefer this trend to its alternative #Mondaymindfulness because there are a few things I would like to … well, mention.

First one is I suddenly found myself among summer. Somehow, I missed the spring, if it came at all. Honestly speaking, I really doubt it. We were keeping a watchful eye for spring, so that we may go for a picknick out of town and show our little girl some “natural items” she is familiar with only through books. So, if ever spring was here, I must have been fast asleep. No use crying over spilt milk, though. This past week we went from wearing turtle necks and boots to short sleeves and slippers. Given the suddenness of it, I must admit I managed valiantly and we spent a wonderful morning at the beach. We managed to show our little girl things that she had not yet met in books, mainly because she has no books featuring sandy beaches at the seaside. Not a great drawback, come to think of it, as we actually live about 20 minutes from the beach. Walking, that is. Ha-ha, does that shock you? Well, if it does, it should – that was exactly my intention. If it doesn’t shock you, well – maybe you live at the seaside, too and just happen to know what it feels like (which is exactly “nothing special”, but that will be for internal use only ;-))

Second is, I snapped out of a particularly depressed period. Those periods tend to get longer and longer. Soon, they threaten to take up most of the year. Funny thing with my depressed periods is that while I am in one, I don’t feel like sharing and explaining. Once I step out of it, I don’t feel like recalling it at all. So, those bleak times remain safely locked within my head and in my beloved people’s minds, as they have the bad luck of getting the worst of it.

Third thing is I am listening to The Scorpions (Always Somewhere… miss you where I am) and this brings back so sweet, or rather bitter-sweet memories of the time I was a shy teenager, and so much more.

Happy Monday all! Never fail to enjoy!

Nature vs Culture (Monday Mindfulness Revisited)

In the light of the recent events in Japan, I need to go mindful again and reflect on the troublesome nature of … well, Nature.

Today, I composed two short poems, here and here, both focusing on the disaster that hit Japan. I rarely do that, because my inspiration is too random (Even the poems about Chernobil, (here in English and here in Bulgarian) were written so much later and without any obvious occasion). Yet, this time, prompts by a couple of poetic websites/blogs served well and although I had originally intended to direct my poetic pieces elsewhere (it was before Friday, while I was speculating my poetic options for the coming weekend), they just happened to fit perfectly.

Again, I see, that no matter how great we may become, or how trifle, Nature will make us equal, by making things even in this case. So many grand and petty troubles were caused and solved by Friday’s quake, that they all faded into the common tragedy. In a grim and gripping single event thousands of fates obtained alternative twists. Possibilities are still to be considered. Now, it’s only tragedy, loss of souls, and silent tears!

In silent awe I wish the best possible to all! When you come to think of it, Mondays always mind the past two days, don’t they!


Two for Tuesday

I picked the title up from the Poetic Asides forum, so it is nothing new. I have been considering twisted Tuesday trend for today, but then gave it up.

Now, as this post must contain two-something, here they are:

One: The weather here is brilliant. All my friends across the Atlantic tweet about snow and/or storms. And here we are happy to announce spring is just round the corner. Hopefully, frost will not have its way again and ruin our bright mood.

Two: The recipes for cookies I got are too hard for me to try. 😉 Adi will surely try to talk me out of this. And she is quite likely to succeed. All I need is just a soft, friendly push into baking 😀 Almost like the one I got for NaNoWriMo.

One again: The sun rises earlier each morning and our drive across the Bridge is getting brighter (until summer comes and we start nagging about the heat).

Two again: The coming B-day party is not the appropriate platform to practice my baking skills. I’ll leave it till the following weekend. And I’ll post a report on the “how far/good I succeeded”.

Until then, enjoy your Tuesday, and hopefully it brings you many twos of niceties.

Friday Freshness

Until very recently I was certain my favourite day of the week was Saturday – the weekend has begun, yet there is still a lot to go before its end. Today, however, while doing a silly old fun test I stopped and realised that my favours have shifted from Saturday, which is probably the best-loved day of the week for the above reasons, to Friday, or even Monday.

Let’s stay focused on Friday, though. The fresh freedom foreboded by the final working day (usually) is actually more intoxicating than the very beginning of the weekend. Does that also mean that I have shifted my preferences from the actual real thing to the mere expectation and pre-taste of it? If it does, that’s terrible. And terrifying. Still, one is free to shift perspectives and preferences across the whole week, so I’ll worry about that later – when it features as an issue, for example.

So, enjoy your Friday freshness, your Friday freedom and stay away from Friday frights or Friday frets!

Wednesday Wishes


Past the twisted and tough Tuesday, here we are amidst the new Wednesday. I decided that this week Wednesday will pass under the theme of Wednesday Wishes. So, here they are:

  • My poetic wish is to make a great poem after the Wednesday prompt by Robert at Poetic Asides.
  • My reading wish is to go on reading 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray, which I am reviewing.
  • My writing wish is to write one more scene of my novel. I even have ideas as to what it should be.

Well, I certainly have some personal and professional wishes, as well. Yet, let me save some for later 😉 And, last but not least, I hope to be able to get at least three of them fulfilled before this day is over!

And what are YOUR Wednesday wishes for this particularly sunny day, at least in our neck of the woods?

Monday mindfulness


Monday is believed to be an especially tough day, especially in the morning. As usual, we stayed late last night although nothing interested was on, just to have some final sweet moments of the weekend. As usual, the morning wake-up alarm was unwelcome.

Yet, a recent survey showed that Tuesday, and not Monday anymore, was the toughest day of the week. So, in compliance with the new directive, my Mondays have brightened immensely since then. It turns out that on Monday one is still relaxed and refreshed after the weekend (strongly depending on the weekend) and has enough resilience to pull through. On Tuesday, however, one fully realises that the week is in its proper reign and there is no way back, nor could one speed forward to the weekend. Then, despair settles in.

So, while it is still Monday, let’s make good use of it. Be mindful and don’t forget to mention all who inspire you!

Last line as first line

We Write Poetry pops up with interesting prompts. Recently, they suggested we take a powerful (or just any) last line from an old poem we have written, and use it to start up a new one. I accidentally came by this particular one, and thought it might as well be a nice opening line.

Both are in English. Here is the new one:

Beyond my reason


and days roll by so tenderly

Beyond my memory


the falling tears of


Beyond the feel

of passing years

they flutter pinching at my ears

and laughing gravely

Beyond my reason

and then again


the thunderstorm of home