My Summer Is a Tiger

That’s the result of working with a theme. You aren’t at a loss about how to approach an overused prompt. So, here is November PAD, Day 11 – An animal poem

Summer was a tiger
Spiraling to leaf fall
Where it fell asleep
Blending in its ochre

Rains and leaf mass rot
Filtering it through
To the other side of the planet

My summer is a tiger
Roaming in its wilderness.
© 2015, MK

Hope, Hiding and Sweating Animals for Day 6

NaPoWriMo, Day 6 – I hope this small collection will be well-liked 🙂

1. Haiku Heights – Hope

Hope dawns with each day
Skies redden and glow with it –
Sunrise and sunset.

2. – Animal 

A mother cat will
look upon her litter as
Tigers in waiting.


3. Being Poetry – Sweat 

Do you remember that winter?
You left the windows open
And yet you sweated. 

Do you recall now
That warmth within
Which made you sweat? 

Or do you sweat now
only for the awkwardness
of a silly situation
I put you in

4. Poetic Asides – Hiding 

Conceal those tears
And make me believe
There is nothing but joy. 

And make me believe
We are overly happy
To be here and now. 

There is nothing but joy –
“As is” clause
fully operational 

In hiding.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Animal, Nov PAD 25

an “animal” poem


Inside a kitten’s heart

Beats a tiger’s pulse

Its purr – a dormant roar.


Партньорът – в Ден 11.