To diversify my bunch of snowdrops, I added a crocus.

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Like a flame in frosty winter

I see the crocus burn

Not warming, though,

Just picture

To turn

My heart aglow.


© 2013 soulmary


I bought a bunch of snowdrops to make my perfect day more perfect.

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Snowdrops have dropped already

All snow’s been swept away

And grass has pricked to make its point

Of sunshine conquest over all.

© soulmary, 2013

Starving for Colour

September Heights #18, Starve

Snow and silence reign

In their vast dominion

Eyes starve for colour.

© 2012 forestlove/m_

small stone #30

By God, the month is almost over and still no #amwriting done in any serious way. That is how you may know that I had a lot of work to do and that I executed numerous responsible and serious business things on my agenda. For instance, I flew to Finland and back, went to a job interview and a written test, sat for three exams from my regular exam session, and handed in three of the five assignments due for this semester. Around all that, there was a lot of travelling done, where I did not lose touch with home thanks to the wonderful B-day present I got from my baby and his family. Apart from travelling, I visited a couple of universities, ex-employers and such, I renewed old friendships and heard from ex-fellow-students and colleauges. I rummaged in a black plastic bag, containing all I had received from my parents’ place after it was sold. That brought me a nice afternoon of sweet and bitter memories. Unfortunately, I did not find there what I needed. Moreover, I found that it contained only about one third of what was mine in that place. That place is the one which appears in my dreams, when I dream, of “home”.

The small stone for the River of Stones of today is:

“Snow and frost, still sunny. The way I wanted it. Now I reconsider, but there is no taking back the weather.”

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

small stone #22

Snow falling and melting right away. That is the curse of temperate climate. Home is dry and warm, so nice a place to stay. Sunday is my fav ritual.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

small stone for 7th Jan

Finally, my small stone will be a bit different:

“The train is packed with packets, bags, and people carrying, caressing pets, and talking smoothly of their days and lives, of their children, cars and recent flights. The highway blocked, no buses ride – so, train’s the only means of getting by.”

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

small stone for 6th Jan

Well, I must admit it was a whole different day today. My contribution to the River of Stones:

“Six-hours ride through a country so sundry. Snow equals scare, skidding on the road, beware. Tree tops heavy and large with their fresh white caps. Fields in fascinating fashion keep quite, lying under their shabby quilt of white dust and memories past.”

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Tea or Coffee? Cats or Dogs? Rain or Snow – Nov PAD, Day 9

2011, Nov PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 9 – *blank* or *blank*


Rain or Snow?
It depends.
Drenching shoes and sticky clothes
Vote for snow,
(Or else, for sunshine.)

Tea or Coffee?
It depends.
Parching thirst and sweating heat
Call for tea.
With A/C on, it’s time for coffee
On and on.

Cats or Dogs?
It depends.
If drenching, drizzling shoes and clothes
Are not a real stop for you,
Most probably you have a dog.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva