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Woman in rain, Magpie 84

Magpie Tales #84 prompt is Woman in Rain:

Eternity believing in gods

Woman in the rain

Fate at her feet –

Coal-black eyes

Jet-black heat

Standing on the verge

Of a lake of despair

To summon the gods

Of despondent flair

How long till they care?

Black will soak

The rain to bones

Naked will suck

The wetness in draws

They are





©2011 Mariya Koleva

Agreement, Nov PAD 8

an agreement poem


When I’m about to wake up, my fluffy kitten comes

Hops on my bed, turns on her purring;

Coils at my feet, then quickly moves,

And coils in opposite direction.

She comes before my waking

To secretly caress me,

For fear not to spoil me.


Beyond the roaring realms of sanity

A lesser god will rise to meet his fate

And trade conveniently with humanity

Most valued goods of flesh for pearls of faith.