April Poem-A-Day 18 – Weather

Image by YoachimHUN
Image by YoachimHUN

It’s raining over the marshes
and the fog won’t leave.
It has a point to make
and it will stay to see what we do
in return.

It’s snowing in the forest
and the temperatures dissocialize us from
the fairy-tale Christmas mood,
but are plain terrible biting frost.
It wants to see if we know where
to hide.

The dessert is suffering the sand storm
of a lifetime.
Miles to the horizon are hidden
behind the dusty curtain
which grinds my brain
and sprinkles its yellowness
over the imaginary wound
I am weeping over.

©2014, soulmary


There is a really dense fog outside, and it’s cold 🙂

Image credit: Everythingilearned blog



In it walk shapes.

Don’t hear names.

Do call them out!

They turn. Then walk again.


Dense fog.

© 2013 soul mary

scare me!

November Poem-A-Day, prompt for Day 3 – Write a poem that scares 🙂

Image Credit: National Weather Service Weather Forcast Office, Jackson, KY

What is that coldness I feel?

Is it the frost outside?

Or the empty empire of anger,

tapping bony fingers

to get access and reap

what is left inside?


© soulmary


September Heights #14 – Revelation


Amidst the dense fog

Burns a flower with no name

Another day lives.


A kitten curls up

Looks around to see the world

Same as I see it.

 © 2012 soulmary