My Flowing Verse Will Hear Your Heart

Flowing with the current
my flowing verse.

Can you or can’t you
do it yourself
dye it in your favourite colour?

Hear it say
‘I love you.’

Flow, my versatile verse,
canning the can that is doing to do.

Hearts and souls are abundant
for you.

© 2024, soulmary

An amazing prompt today, at Three Things Challenge #M604 – Flowers / Candy / Hearts. Truly deserving the attention in the spirit of today. I am not a fan of this holiday, as it was introduced in my country later and somewhat artificially. Anyway, love is the most important thing in life and it has to be celebrated day in, day out. Celebrate and enjoy other poems at the original prompt site above.

The Language of Flowers – Day 11.1 of April PAD

To my loving husband

All the flowers I can pick
in a garden or the field
won’t suffice for you to see
how I do about you feel.

All the beauty in the world
can’t be hidden in a word,
nor a picture or a sound –
my affection’s so profound.

So to you, my loving flies
carried on her flower wings,
brings the cups of godly bliss –
that which you and I will drink.

©2020, forestlove

I planned to write a poem that spoke of a message given by a particular flower. That was the prompt at NaPoWriMo web site. You know that type of message, a coded one. Let’s say “Giving you a yellow rose” would be a code for “I envy you”, or was it “I am jealous”.

Anyway, at the end, I couldn’t decide, moreover the codes are not the same universally. The said yellow rose, for example, means “friendship” in the English world, while I have always known of it as a symbol of envy or jealousy or hatred. And so it happened that I couldn’t stick to the prompt exactly, but I decided to write an old-fashioned rhyming love poem. One has to write one of these sometimes.


My friend, Kristjaan, hosting the wonderful blog of Carpe Diem Haiku, is never tired. He offers daily, weekly and seasonal prompts. He holds contests, features many translated haiku and great pics. His blog is a great resource of information and support. Although this is not a classical haiku, because it has “my tears” in it, I wrote it after his Little Creatures prompt. Visit his haiku meme blog here. You may decide to join. Who knows what might come.

Carpe Diem, Little Things #19 – Violet

violet flowers
Image credit: Wallpapers Tube

My tears will remain
in place to breathe the beauty
of a violet bloom.

© MK 2015



September Heights #14 – Revelation


Amidst the dense fog

Burns a flower with no name

Another day lives.


A kitten curls up

Looks around to see the world

Same as I see it.

 © 2012 soulmary

Gloss, Haiku

September Heights #09 – Gloss


October morning

Frost is crisp on flower lips

Gloss remains till spring


Gloss remains till spring

Though those flowers perish fast

Crispy frost stays on


Crispy frost stays on

Flowers bloom on icy glass

Varied shapes and size


Varied shapes and size

Snowflakes swirl in mist outside

Windows sparkle gloss


Windows sparkle gloss

It comes upon a morning

Early October


© 2012 Mariya Koleva