For the World’s Animal Day, Carpe Diem #04 Animal

Image: E. Penchev
Image: E. Penchev










Curled in curiosity

Stunned by evil

Soul and heart as mine

© 2012 soulmary


September Heights #14 – Revelation


Amidst the dense fog

Burns a flower with no name

Another day lives.


A kitten curls up

Looks around to see the world

Same as I see it.

 © 2012 soulmary

Animal, Nov PAD 25

an “animal” poem


Inside a kitten’s heart

Beats a tiger’s pulse

Its purr – a dormant roar.


Партньорът – в Ден 11.

No one wants to be alone, Nov PAD 11

a “No One Wants To…” poem:


Inside a beast’s heart
sleeps a kitten who has forgotten
how to purr;
Yet, no one wants to be alone.
На всеки звяр в сърцето
дреме коте, което е забравило
да мърка.
А никой не иска да бъде самотен.


Ето и партньорът:

в Ден 25.