A Control Poem – Day 11.2 of April PAD


Controlling the rhythm
by harnessing rhyme
is an old golden trick
I just can’t apply.

All control freaks
must be users of tricks.

2020, forestlove

Here is an attempt at a Control poem, as prompted by Poetic Asides. Since I started in rhyme earlier during the day, this freak continued in that line.

The Language of Flowers – Day 11.1 of April PAD

To my loving husband

All the flowers I can pick
in a garden or the field
won’t suffice for you to see
how I do about you feel.

All the beauty in the world
can’t be hidden in a word,
nor a picture or a sound –
my affection’s so profound.

So to you, my loving flies
carried on her flower wings,
brings the cups of godly bliss –
that which you and I will drink.

©2020, forestlove

I planned to write a poem that spoke of a message given by a particular flower. That was the prompt at NaPoWriMo web site. You know that type of message, a coded one. Let’s say “Giving you a yellow rose” would be a code for “I envy you”, or was it “I am jealous”.

Anyway, at the end, I couldn’t decide, moreover the codes are not the same universally. The said yellow rose, for example, means “friendship” in the English world, while I have always known of it as a symbol of envy or jealousy or hatred. And so it happened that I couldn’t stick to the prompt exactly, but I decided to write an old-fashioned rhyming love poem. One has to write one of these sometimes.

Time, And Again

mr-mobA little rhyme I wrote while on a lunch break. Just a remark and here is the short poem:

Time is running short
Shorter than a fuse
Sweeping you off board
Keeping me amused.

© 2013, soulmary