Do I See and Hear Fear? – Day 17 of April PAD

Today, I am writing an independent poem for April Poem-A-Day challenge. Meaning, I’m not following a prompt. This poem came to me following something unpleasant happening in a close friend’s personal life. Plus, fear is always a thing, isn’t it?
Here it is:

Amidst the noise
of thunder
and the tears in
my soul,
I can still hear
the whisper of
the sea –
the magnificent
and frightening sea,
washing the empty beaches,
smoothing the coast,
caressing the abandoned sands.

Among all the colour
of people running around in hectic
panic and haze
wondering why they do it and
they can stop to rest,
I can still see
the long shadow thrown
by the tall pine tree
at the edge of that forest
which I knew as a girl.
The forest that lulled me
to tears and sweetness
The forest that cooled me
and scared me with
indistinct figures and sighs.

Do I generally hear
of see just fear?
Mostly fear.
My own, lovely fear.

© 2024, soulmary

Forest Haiku Series – Day 9.2 of April PAD

** **
Young and carrying
aromatic whiffs around
all seasons are live.

** **
A path traces up
between trees and leaves – the sun
glows over the mist.

** **
Green moss to the north
red leaves below tired pows –
white fire warms the eyes.

©2020, forestlove
** **
This series was prompted by Poetic Asides, and the picture can be seen here. That’s what we call an ekphrastic poem.

Forest Fresh

Recently, we went to a short holiday and spent a couple of days in the forest. It was mainly raining and that helped the forest release its famous fresh aroma: of branches, trees, leaves, bushes and forest fruits. It was like walking inside a cup of herbal tea, without the inconvenience, of course.

jom10-forestThe prompt for July 10th is Forest Fresh. My poem is below.

forest fresh are leaves I meet
down my path through the day
freedom fresh is air I feel
rustling close to my ears
softly going away deep
in the forest on both sides of my path
up through the day.

©2013, Soul Mary

What’s Cooking? Not Food…

Theme Thursday, What’s Cooking?

Image credit: Rebecca Barray

what’s cooking

in that troubled forest
where the tree tops
touch the arms of clouds
and where shrubs caress
the ears of the deer 

what’s cooking
now in their minds –
of those who try to read the sky
by speaking non-existing mouths 

what’s cooking
will be laid
on the tray of truth
and eaten

© forestlove, 2012

Give me that forest….

“Hark ye,” cawed the old hag, “here’s the age-old wisdom of the trees.”

(This is my response to the prompt from Robert at Poetic Asides – write a forest or a tree poem. That was the prompt for Day 10 of the April Poem-A-Day challenge.)

Give me that forest
Abundant with trees
Soft spilling shadow
Are cover for me

Beauty amazing
Glowing in green
Life-loving shades
Of pristine

Off to that forest
I knew as a child
Speaking the wisdom
That times spins around

Into that forest
I seek for my youth
Finding the ghostly
Memory of you.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

“What I love about…” – Wednesday Prompt by Robert

It is Wed. again, for the last time before November PAD Challenge, and Robert has one more prompt for us. Here it is.

And here is my poem:

Image credit: Rebecca Barray

What I love about the forest
Is that it is always young,
It will always offer shelter,
Sometimes it will offer danger.

It will always be
               so dark,
               so green,
               so soft,
               so hard …
So everything,
That I won’t tire of its diversity.


Това, което ме пленява във гората,
е тази нейна вечна младост,
това, че винаги ни дава сянка,
понякога дори е страшна.

Тя винаги е
                    тъй тъмна
                    тъй зелена
                    тъй мека
                   тъй корава…
Тя толкова е всякаква,
че не мога да й се наситя.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

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