Do I See and Hear Fear? – Day 17 of April PAD

Today, I am writing an independent poem for April Poem-A-Day challenge. Meaning, I’m not following a prompt. This poem came to me following something unpleasant happening in a close friend’s personal life. Plus, fear is always a thing, isn’t it?
Here it is:

Amidst the noise
of thunder
and the tears in
my soul,
I can still hear
the whisper of
the sea –
the magnificent
and frightening sea,
washing the empty beaches,
smoothing the coast,
caressing the abandoned sands.

Among all the colour
of people running around in hectic
panic and haze
wondering why they do it and
they can stop to rest,
I can still see
the long shadow thrown
by the tall pine tree
at the edge of that forest
which I knew as a girl.
The forest that lulled me
to tears and sweetness
The forest that cooled me
and scared me with
indistinct figures and sighs.

Do I generally hear
of see just fear?
Mostly fear.
My own, lovely fear.

© 2024, soulmary

Another Love and Anti-Love Set of Poems – Day 9 of April PAD

So many times I have written a Two-for-Tuesday Love-Anti-Love set, that I thought I couldn’t do it justice. Still, I think these two pulled just right. The first one is Shadorma, and the second one derives from my favourite musical of Chicago and the famous piece “All I Care About Is Love” where the lawyer plays the generous type. Here is the video for you to enjoy:
And now, for the poems

Love is when
you make me coffee
all mornings

Not asking
what type I want or when but
simply knowing it.



“All I care about is Love
That’s what I’m here for”
Billy Flynn, Chicago Musical

The lawyer loves the money they pay,
the scandal they make,
Sensation for Miss Mary Sunshine’s newspaper
Jealousy for the husband’s repertoir.

Love is the theme of many a mellow tales,
many a lies
and the songs
cheaters lull us by.

Anti-Love could be a topic
for a rhyme worded on a
beach at the tropic.
Of Cancer
Or Capricorn?
Who knows? Or who cares?
Anti-Love is a bug in which
we all stare.

©2024, soulmary

A Happy and Sad Poem – April PAD, Day 2

I remember
the second of September
and all the sorrow it brought,
along with the hussle
of thought.

I was thinking of happy
and promises
plus hopes of sweet get-togethers

All tender caresses,
all the warm words,
encouragement, laughter
came back as if they
were here to stay.
As if they were the only way
I knew.
But they weren’t.
I knew otherwise.

Who would have thought,
in a couple of years,
a sensible creature could forget all the pain
it believed it went through,
and would focus on wisdom, love and affection?

Who would know?
This is both happy and sad
in all of its depth – beginning and end.
And the goodbye of death.

©2024, soulmary

Poetic Asides holds its traditional Two-for-Tuesday prompt today, so we are supposed to write a happy and/or sad poem. Well, as you can see, I’ve written both in one piece.

Silver is Optimistic – Day 1 of April PAD

Silver is Optimistic
because I believe in silver.
Its shine and whiteness,
its metal lustre takes me to a fairy land
where I’m a princess,
a warrior,
but princess first.

I’m brave and elegant and loved.
Adored by all who follow me
in battle, party and hardship, as well as
sorrow and joy.

Silver is my metal – bright and
bringing splendour.
White and carrying wisdom, warmth
and solitude.

Although the world is ruled by
lovers of gold.
By vapers, false-eyelashers and
duck-lipped creatures.

Yet, Silver rules the landscape
of today’s tomorrows.

© 2024, soulmary

Poetic Asides had the prompt of an Optimistic poem. Here it is. Apart from that, I had the intention of writing a Silver poem after the last Wednesday’s prompt from the RagTag Daily Prompt Site. So, here you go. Love!

Some words

For the past couple of weeks I have been able to keep up with the Poem-A-Day challenge, yet not really been able to enjoy as much reading as I would have liked. For the past few days, none.

Although I have been writing/poeming happily away, I find reading other’s poems very refreshing, encouraging and a proper form of celebration. After all, what is the Poetry month, if not a celebration of poetry?

Well, I have made up a certain schedule how I will cover all blogs I would like to read, but I am not sure yet, if I would be able to follow it.

Another thing I have been doing is the April Platform challenge with My Name Is Not Bob, aka Robert from Poetic Asides. Tasks are manageable, just as he said. I even set up a Google+ account, which was easy, of course. There are a couple of things I can’t really do, because I lack the tech savvy. I will need to “outsource” for those 😉

That’s about it. So far, the month of April has been going fairly well.

Platform-building task #5

Along with the Poetry month challenge, I decided to enroll in one more. The more, the better 🙂 Here are the details, it is hosted by Robert Lee Brewer at his My Name Is Not Bob blog. Every day we have to complete a platform-building task and tell the world about it. Today’s is to make a blog and post something regarding it. Well, the first part is already a fact, and has, in fact, been a fact for a long time. So, here is a brake from poeming. This may be considered a post dedicated to the platform-building challenge.

OK, now back to poetry 🙂