Silver is Optimistic – Day 1 of April PAD

Silver is Optimistic
because I believe in silver.
Its shine and whiteness,
its metal lustre takes me to a fairy land
where I’m a princess,
a warrior,
but princess first.

I’m brave and elegant and loved.
Adored by all who follow me
in battle, party and hardship, as well as
sorrow and joy.

Silver is my metal – bright and
bringing splendour.
White and carrying wisdom, warmth
and solitude.

Although the world is ruled by
lovers of gold.
By vapers, false-eyelashers and
duck-lipped creatures.

Yet, Silver rules the landscape
of today’s tomorrows.

© 2024, soulmary

Poetic Asides had the prompt of an Optimistic poem. Here it is. Apart from that, I had the intention of writing a Silver poem after the last Wednesday’s prompt from the RagTag Daily Prompt Site. So, here you go. Love!

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader