My Latest Favourite – Eggs


I’ve been struggling with my weight for the past two and a half years since I entered menopause. Once slim and carefree about my dieting habits, I am a totally different person now. To leave life’s normal worries aside, let me tell you about my latest favourite food – eggs.

Maybe eggs are the second most controversial food item next to coffee. All our lives we seem to be listening to ardent defenders and bullying denouncers of both. It seems the two items come and go out of fashion nearly at the same time.

When I was younger, eggs were considered a food that you couldn’t eat over 1-2 times per week. Otherwise, you ran the risk of damaging your kidneys. And the cholesterol levels were considered very high, so eggs were forbidden on any diet. Coffee would damage your heart, for that manner.
Then, voices were heard, articles oozed in behind the veto, and they told us that eggs are actually miraculous food, so we should eat as many of them as we like. Some voices would even say we should eat more than we felt like.
I love eggs, and this is not a new thing. Every Easter I would eat my full of them, not minding the caution tags by experts. During my first massive weight gain, I even contemplated an egg-only 3-day diet, but I didn’t do it. I went for cottage cheese, instead. That didn’t help. I doubt any diet could if you don’t stick to it with all your will. I don’t, that’s why they don’t work for me.

However, the good news about eggs brightened my mood. I don’t see any further chance for putting eggs back on the blacklist. Now, with the Internet and all the information being within easy reach – both for reading and creation, there will always be groups that will support one opinion or another. Hm, that brings me to think about vaccines. Still, that is another topic.
Cook yourself an egg or two, mix it with green salad and enjoy. As for your weight… everyone should find their own way of fighting it.

Friday Fitness – Healthy Egg Muffins

For today’s post in Friday Fitness, I stopped my choice on an Egg Muffin recipe I stumbled upon some time ago. The why? For starters, I love eggs, even though preferably when they are boiled. Then, this meal is very easy to make and takes little time and resources. And finally, I can safely say it’s healthy and filling. Recently, I came to realise that eggs are a rather good pick when we need something both nutritious and low-calorie.

What you need:

  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp salt (I don’t add salt, but honesty demands me to mention it here)
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 3/4 cup chopped spinach (or similar leafy greens)
  • 1/2 cup diced bell peppers (you may use your imagination and your personal preferences here, but don’t use courgette or eggplant, because they ooze lots of water. You can add olives or gherkins, though.)
  • 8 cherry tomatoes in quarters (if you are using normal ones, 1 tomato is enough, but make sure you remove the watery seeds and use the pulp only)
  • around 70 g of white cheese in crumbles (the one you call Feta, and we here call just “white cheese” :-D)
  • oil to grease the muffin cups

How you make them:

  • Preheat the oven at 180 C.
  • Sprinkle with oil your usual muffin holes (6 of the 12-hole tray will be enough).
  • Whisk eggs, salt and peper. Add and stir the other ingredients.
  • Divide mixture evenly between the holes. If you need, use more.
  • Bake 20 min or until the top is light golden and the centre bounces back when pressed.

My thanks to Nagi, the author of this wonderful recipe, located here . I was looking for protein meals that are easy to make, and here it is.

How to serve:
First option is to eat immediately, while they are still hot. Two muffins should be enough for breakfast. You can also store them in the freezer, packed in a vacuum bag or box.

I hope you’ll enjoy this and please, share some pictures and opinions!

What’s Cooking? Not Food…

Theme Thursday, What’s Cooking?

Image credit: Rebecca Barray

what’s cooking

in that troubled forest
where the tree tops
touch the arms of clouds
and where shrubs caress
the ears of the deer 

what’s cooking
now in their minds –
of those who try to read the sky
by speaking non-existing mouths 

what’s cooking
will be laid
on the tray of truth
and eaten

© forestlove, 2012

Food, prompt by Sunday Scribblings

Here is a poem about Food, as prompted by the Sunday Scribblings

In fact, it is a piece I have already  contributed before, as part of the November PAD Challenge I did last November, yet I consider it suitable. Besides, pasta is forever my favourite food, albeit so … bad for … you know… everything. 🙂

Well, enjoy the serving:


They say, “Pasta’s bad for your health”

I say, “Pasta’s great for my mood”

They go, “Pasta ruins your diet”

“But then I am nice and quiet”

Eating T-bones and steaks is barbarity,

Civilised pasta and bread is calamity.

So, is health what we crave, or felicity?

Is truth more important than integrity?