Social skills are important, Poem a Day #3

NaPoWriMo, Day 3

1. Being Poetry present a challenging prompt. I really love such prompts. To write my poem I had to take the book that was closest to me (it happened to be a non-fiction work entitled Talent Management) and take a random fragment from page 17, another from page 33, and one final fragment from page 58, and then use these fragments to create a poem. Title with the originating book’s title.

First, here are the fragments:
p17 Social skills are important
p33 Do you see the link with the previous diagram?
p58 … the importance of each for every individual.


“Social skills are so important.” my mom just said.
“And they define you in a group.”
That was my father who popped in
After a long day at work. 

Define me in a group,
I repeated to myself and then moved on
to see if the mirror could help me. 

“Sis, I drew some pictures here. Aren’t they cool?”
My brother winked a secret whisper.
His funny sketches came just in time
To make away my gloomy mood. 

“Do you see the link with the previous diagram?”
My mom somehow had made it after me
Before the mirror, which was all criss-crossed with ‘toons. 

My father next, amused and munching, popped in again,
Admiring my brother’s sketches and my mother’s calm
He came and gently put a hand upon my head,
a laugh of loving on his lips, along with breadcrumbs. 

“Yes, now I see my definition in a group.
All sketches and the diagrams,
as well as the importance of each and every one of them
for every individual.” I said with clever wink. 

2. Haiku Heights – Harbour


Gulls screech, swish, zig-zag
Waves rock, roll, swell, hollow, crush
Ships glide in as kings. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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  1. This line in Talent Management stood out for me: a laugh of loving on his lips.

    And your Haiku is just right. Living 20 km inland, I miss the sound of gulls.

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