Doubt, no doubt…

NaPoWriMo, Day 4

1. Haiku Heights – Doubt

A bird in a bush
Blossoms fragrant, warbling spills
No doubt in her heart


No doubt in her heart
But the pure stifling cold of red


Exasperation –
Insanity’s middle name
A bird in a bush.

2. Being Poetry – Uproar 

Two boys and a girl
Their parents –
Friends from teenage
Trying to make up for
Time so long
Trying to cast a bridge

Two boys and a girl –
Clatter, clamour
Crush and break
Toys around
Below and above
You step on them
Silence is forbidden 

Two boys and a girl
Trying to cast a bridge

Parents too tired to mind
Too happy to reproach
Too deaf to hear.

3. Poetic Asides – 100% something

You are 100% awesome!
I’m 100% there for you!
Are those eyes of yours
100% green?
Or I am only
100% taken in?
100% stunning –
that’s how I see you
100% stupefied –
that’s how I get
when I finally see you
for looking at you
blinds me

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

9 thoughts on “Doubt, no doubt…”

  1. Trying to cast a bridge

    I really enjoyed this poetic bit and I love how you chain your haiku together like that. Nice writing, Mariya!

  2. I enjoyed all of your writing, but especially the 100% poem. This person must be 100% wonderful to have such a beautiful poem written about him/her.

  3. Thanks to:

    Becca – I’m happy you enjoyed it!
    Hannah – I’m flattered 🙂
    Mary – he is!
    Irene – I’m still a novice at that type of chaining haiku. Thanks for the encouragement!

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