poetry_01The April Poetry Craze has begun. This is my third April Poem-A-Day round. And we have anniversary over at Wordsmith Studio, too.

As a starter, today, I wrote to three prompts. Of course, this will hardly go on like this till end April.

Here are my three poems for Day One: Haiku Heights: Ascent; Poetic Asides: A New Arrival and to NaPoWriMo: borrowed first line.

April #01

1. Haiku Heights – Ascend


puffs encourage blossoms

they wait, looking up


2. Poetic Asides – A new arrival

Blurring my eyes

A smiling face


from behind the

baby blanket.


My senses are sharpened

and dulled, all the same.

Time is flexible

and I remember not

if it runs fast or

is just non-existent.


Lose all mirrors.

For they show

all those tiny wrinkles

not so tiny anymore.


3. NaPoWriMo – A first line

(which I borrowed from Byron)

She walks in beauty

I drag along

All tired


Her demonic grace

Embracing every curb

that meets my smile

All corners’ edges

Extend their sticky fingers

to enwrap me.


She walks in beauty

I drag along

in misery.


© 2013, Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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  1. You inspire me! Lovely poetry, music to my soul… Thank you!

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