Sci-fi, Day 18

1. Haiku Heights – White 

Invisible snow

softly patting the ground

Invisibly white

2. Poetic Asides – Sci-fi

“Avon, teleport me!”*
I remember mid-grade.
“Zaan, assist me through!”**
a new century began.

Same message all over:
“Hey, you –
human, or else,
no matter,
do something for me,
for I don’t want to be alone.” 

*Blake’s Seven

©2012 Mariya Koleva

10 replies on “Sci-fi, Day 18”

  1. I loved the Haiku… Simple Perfect!!!
    And the poem to me makes all sense.
    Life have so drastically changed over the period of time.
    I liked the way you have expressed the whole worry, pain and agony in just few lines.
    Beautiful indeed!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  2. ‘Invisible snow’ softly patting the ground! – nice!

  3. ankush says:

    I don’t want to be alone!

    Lonely in a connected world. I can truly understand the undercurrents of this composition! Loved it.


  4. Thanks to:

    rachana – time elapses almost without notice, in fact. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    sajeev – glad you enjoyed it!

    ankush – this connected world actually makes it harder for humans to stay connected, a sad truth. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  5. Dawn says:

    I loved the invisible snow… how cool 🙂
    Keep bringing on the creativity

  6. Dawn – thanks for your visit and the nice comment!

  7. ZQ says:


  8. ZQ says:

    oops, I forgot the “e”

  9. ZoralinQ (Dawn in the Forest of the Unknown…) – I appreciate your visit a lot! And thanks for the encouragement 🙂 In two different st/ages of my life those were my favourite series, in fact 🙂

  10. Simply beautiful haiku and the story in the sci-fi poem nicely put. Good job! 🙂

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