The Future of Jobs

And the Jobs with no Future, or Who Will Work That?

As an HR, I’ve attended not one or two conferences where the future of jobs was discussed. Not only that, but I’ve also watched the news and read some articles of interests in various media that also dealt with how work and employment will develop and change in the near future.
First of all, most repetitive and monotonous jobs will be filled in by robots. We don’t imagine complicated androids with dreamy eyes, perfect skin and the ability to discern between good and evil, in addition, to express emotions and empathy. We have to imagine simple non-humanoid machines which execute operations and manipulations that don’t often need creativeness and intuition.

That leaves open the question of what will people do when they can’t execute such jobs. The answer: people will do other jobs. What other jobs? Answer: programming and maintaining the said robots.

We get to understand that there will not be people on cooking, cleaning, data entry, accounting, payroll, and other similar positions. Machines will be doing that. The people who are taking these jobs at present will be re-qualified to maintain the new workers. That notion poses several questions at least. Let’s start somewhere.

First, the educational systems and food industry are continuously producing half-witted adults, semi-intelligent at best. Children finish school hardly literate, they eat junk food and synthetic drugs are their best pals since early teenage. That may be a good thing if we aim at producing idiots who are easy to rule, control and kept in submission. Their addictions to good life, easiness and love of sensation make them an easy target. New adults are lesser and lesser human beings, much to the disappointment of thinkers of old.

Second, these future jobs although they sound cool because there is the word “robotics” in them, sound to me maintenance thing. The majority of these new positions will be simple repairing and adjustment stuff, not higher level coding, programming, design or creative projects. There will be creative jobs, naturally, but I don’t expect them to be so many. The rest? Instead of cooks and cleaners, the rest will be maintenance staff for robots. This doesn’t sound prestigious, for sure. Plus, when so many people do this, there is hardly a reason to consider the jobs anything exclusive or special.

Third, I don’t believe all people will be able to do jobs such as those described above. There is a reason some people end up as cleaners. I know, some law graduates choose that profession for themselves, but the majority of cleaners do it for lack of better options. And for lack of patience and study skills. That is one group – those with lower intellectual abilities. How will they do the engineering jobs? The other group are people of artistic inclinations – poets, musicians, artists, various performers, athletes. How can we expect the artistic mind to bend around mechanic and engineering thinking and action?

Thinking of all that, conclusions are hard to draw. Thinking of all that, I wonder what the future holds. Not that I’m personally curious. It’s just… that human thing I’m thinking about.

Before My Eyes

Things have been strange.
Jobs have transformed.
People have changed
to look more like worms
and less like athletes,
to do their daily work
with whitish soft-skin fingers
not knowing how to handle a simple tool
Like a screwdriver, for instance.

Things have evolved
and the planet looks like trash
we crawl on our bellies
licking the mud
where chocolate chips have mingled
with tears, cockroaches’ blood and peaceful piss.

(c) MK, 2016

Future Poem

April Poem-A-Day 10 – A Future Poem

future poetry
Image: chriscold

When robots come to rule the Earth
I hope big cats will have their say.
If they are dull enough to stay,
that is.

Horizons of steel and genderless cold
will conquer humanity’s endless survival
on a river bank of ludicrous endings.

Despite the impossible personal dawn,
life will be determined at the stroke of a pendulum
hanging useless in a factory workshop
whose sky-high windows show
wasted landscapes over the hill.

Industrial dust collects in my view,
where shadows do not exist,
giving way to brightness
our souls do not need.

Inebriated by prospects,
we hardly are,
Seeking yesterday’s indulgence
in forgetfulness
and mellow gossip.

©2014 MK


September Heights #27 – Footprint

Image Credit: MargaterR


footprint in concrete

pointing to my future

soul victimized by art

© 2012 Mariya Koleva


OSI Accidental

inspired by the prompt, dedicated to the disaster that hit Japan.


Accidental horizons

Collapsing one after the other

Believing in accidental future.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Bulgarian-language version

“Случайните случайности случайно се случват.”

С вяра в случайното бъдеще,

случайни хоризонтите


и търсят в бездните


© 2011 Мария Колева