Future Poem

April Poem-A-Day 10 – A Future Poem

future poetry
Image: chriscold

When robots come to rule the Earth
I hope big cats will have their say.
If they are dull enough to stay,
that is.

Horizons of steel and genderless cold
will conquer humanity’s endless survival
on a river bank of ludicrous endings.

Despite the impossible personal dawn,
life will be determined at the stroke of a pendulum
hanging useless in a factory workshop
whose sky-high windows show
wasted landscapes over the hill.

Industrial dust collects in my view,
where shadows do not exist,
giving way to brightness
our souls do not need.

Inebriated by prospects,
we hardly are,
Seeking yesterday’s indulgence
in forgetfulness
and mellow gossip.

©2014 MK

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader