OSI Accidental

inspired by the prompt, dedicated to the disaster that hit Japan.


Accidental horizons

Collapsing one after the other

Believing in accidental future.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Bulgarian-language version

“Случайните случайности случайно се случват.”

С вяра в случайното бъдеще,

случайни хоризонтите


и търсят в бездните


© 2011 Мария Колева

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

4 thoughts on “Accidental”

  1. The English version is hauntingly beautiful! So few words, but so perfectly capturing the horror of it all.

    1. Adriana – thank you so much for reading! I like it better, too. Often, I make the second version just as an exercise. Emo will always criticise me for not providing him with at least a chance to read (his English is not on “poetic fluency level” :-))

  2. You know what would be a fun exercise? Ask him to translate your English poems into Bulgarian, exactly because his English is not on “poetic fluency level” 🙂

    One of my favorite exercises from a poetry class I took was a translation project in which we were supposed to pick a poem in a language we do not speak, at all, then feed it through the automatic Google Translate, and then take the English version that Google spits out and rewrite that into a poem. I loved it! 🙂 It’s fascinating to try to make a sense of a jumble of words and to fill in the blanks…

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