Memory of a Glass House

One Single Impression – Betrayal; Poets United – Glass Houses; We Write Poems – Better out than in; Theme Thursday – Memory


I remember a winter

in a house made of glass

naked, numb, stupefied


I remember yearning to go

and get lost in the snow

But how would you know?


© Mariya Koleva 2011


Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

9 thoughts on “Memory of a Glass House”

  1. The glass house is an apt metaphor shame.

    I like how the last line of the first stanza (“naked, numb, stupefied”) comment on the state of person inside the house…and then how the second stanza reveals the desire to escape.

    Well done.


  2. Thanks to:
    Gautami – thanks for your sweet words.
    Nicole – I am glad my poem managed to convey my meaning.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! M.

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