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A Total Glory Haiku – Day 29 of April PAD

She’s a true feline
Soft fur combines with soft purr
Glory embodied.

© 2020, forestlove

A Purpose Fun Tanka – Day 13 of April PAD


This snug little pile – our cat
horrendously paws across
all the house rules
defeating her prime sense of purpose –
cuddle with us.

2020, forestlove

To write a purpose poem was the prompt at Poetic Asides for Day 13, but I decided to take a day off from serious poeming, and catch up on posting and other things. Today, I thought why not try the tanka form? It’s fun, it’s cool and I didn’t do it correctly. Well, I hope this is a nice little piece for this cutie sleeping in my favourite armchair just next to my desk – our cat. If you see her, you’d wonder why I used the word “little”. Smiles and joy to all!


For the World’s Animal Day, Carpe Diem #04 Animal

Image: E. Penchev

Image: E. Penchev










Curled in curiosity

Stunned by evil

Soul and heart as mine

© 2012 soulmary