It’s a Shadorma – Anti-Form for Day 16 of April PAD

Day 16 is a Tuesday, so Robert offers another cute Two-For-Tuesday prompt. We need to write a Form and/or an Anti-Form poem. Curiously, I wrote a Shadorma which calls for breaking the form. Yeah, that’s me. Enjoy!

Break all
forms we use to poem.
Just lose them.

Focus on
what is in your very heart
and the rhyme will flow.

© 2024, soulmary

A Dream Tanka – Day 15.2 of April PAD


A dream at night, a rant at daytime
so many hours spilled –
much useless ink
All souls are wet with raindrops and
easy to forget.
©2020, forestlove

A Dream Triolet – Day 15.1 of April PAD


When you dream without a memory
groping breathlessly about,
hopelessness – your only reverie.
When you dream without a memory
hoping you’ll escape it cleverly
and with not so much as pout.
When you dream without a memory
groping breathlessly about.

©2020, forestlove

A Purpose Fun Tanka – Day 13 of April PAD


This snug little pile – our cat
horrendously paws across
all the house rules
defeating her prime sense of purpose –
cuddle with us.

2020, forestlove

To write a purpose poem was the prompt at Poetic Asides for Day 13, but I decided to take a day off from serious poeming, and catch up on posting and other things. Today, I thought why not try the tanka form? It’s fun, it’s cool and I didn’t do it correctly. Well, I hope this is a nice little piece for this cutie sleeping in my favourite armchair just next to my desk – our cat. If you see her, you’d wonder why I used the word “little”. Smiles and joy to all!

Shadorma, Nov PAD 23

a “form” poem: mine is shadorma. For the rules of shadorma, look here.


keys you find

the keyhole does not

hold your breath;

be there

and watch the perfect magic

of sunset dreaming.