Process notes? Not really. Who can say what it means, or what caused this? I can’t. Just read. Enjoy. I hope you can.

Melodrama is harder than death
Image by eltonfernandes


Death is not easy
Unlike melodrama
Silence is heavier
than hot teardrops.

©MK, 2014

Note about the image. I really like it. I often use images by artists on the Deviant Art to accompany my poems. I can only hope the words do them credit.


Summer is a difficult season for poetry, in my experience. I write just scanty notes, scribble them here and there, because I hate to see the computer and there’s no time to sit at it for hours. So, in September, I suddenly remember those notes existed and start sorting.

deadly solitude
Image by uzume666777333

Here is a haiku that I obviously wrote in mid-August.

When you are trying
To catch yout own breathing
and arrest your heartbeat.
(c) 2014 MK

friday, the thirteenth – small stone

The river of stones keeps flowing:

“it is friday, the thirteenth. who can ignore it. i heard a man of power speak rubbish and felt ashamed. i cried for the girl who had died in so much suffering and pain, who had met her end in miserable solitude in the cold company of wickedness. i hardly did believe it.”

© 2012 Mariya Koleva