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Floods in urban landscape


Some more summertime poetry I wrote on notes and retrieved much later. There were many floods last summer, lives were lost and people remained homeless and poorer than before.

Floods in urban landscape

Image by Amartia

The Floods Around These Parts
Plumbing towards correction
Crawling before the heart
of silence and dead impunity
Plumbing without awareness
Beyond the forest license
and thumping hearts.

©2014, MK

Melodrama is harder than death


Process notes? Not really. Who can say what it means, or what caused this? I can’t. Just read. Enjoy. I hope you can.


Death is not easy
Unlike melodrama
Silence is heavier
than hot teardrops.

©MK, 2014

Note about the image. I really like it. I often use images by artists on the Deviant Art to accompany my poems. I can only hope the words do them credit.

deadly solitude


Summer is a difficult season for poetry, in my experience. I write just scanty notes, scribble them here and there, because I hate to see the computer and there’s no time to sit at it for hours. So, in September, I suddenly remember those notes existed and start sorting.

Here is a haiku that I obviously wrote in mid-August.

When you are trying
To catch yout own breathing
and arrest your heartbeat.
(c) 2014 MK


Sinking, not singing


Image by Draken413o


Sinking instead of floating
Growling instead of singing

But when I look in the window glass,
the outside hides its grass.

Blinking instead of goggling
Crawling instead of prancing
But when I open my shabby purse,
the inside chills my pulse.
© MK