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The River Wants Me Naked

Sunday Whirl #226

First, the river wants me naked
Stalking me with red eyes
Along her banks.

My naked clarity will give her wings
She’ll dream she flies over the plains.

But the world is held
Inside me.
© 2015, MK

Meandering Water, wordle

Sunday Whirl #173

Image by: the prompt site

Image by: the prompt site

The water runs
similar to a lane in a park
bending this way or the other.

The path meanders,
rarely straight, but mostly
going east.

Some parts
catch the light and sound
of the forest nearby,
limiting the cases where
guilty water will
consume the evil grain of nurture.

© 2014, MK

Written after a nice wordle prompt at the Sunday Whirl.

River for September Haiku at Soul Mary's poetry blog

Days 10 to 14 of Haiku

In a last attempt to catch up, here I come, firing five instead of one, or two, or even three haiku away. Here is the place for proper linking, too. The September Heights prompt for Day 14 at Haiku Heights is River. That reminded me of Boney M’s song ‘The Rivers of Babylon’, and I stole a phrase from the lyrics. Mhm, no prosecution, please.

River for September Haiku at Soul Mary's poetry blog

Image credit: Rebecca Barray

Day 10: Kitchen

After-summer chaos,
Come back to oven hot meals,
Prepare coziness.

Day 11: Tradition

Slow, secure, stale –
Summary of boredom,
Walk away so still.

Day 12: Holy

Holy as intended
Struggle deep within the rain,
Wings will raise the storm.

Day 13: Superstition

Like the secret whisper,
Round the fire, summer nights,
Camping mindless.

Day 14: River

There we wept so sad,
Hugging tight the pets we loved
Doomed to float away.

© 2013, Mariya Koleva

By the river

It is time we moved a little bit faster with this prompt thing, but you need to understand: I have a Kindle. So, that has put me on the side of readers rather than writer, at least for the time being. I have no power to get online, or even close to my computer. I do occasional email and FB checks and only react if there is some emergency over there. Apart from that, I have been quite ecologic 🙂 and cleansing myself from electronics in my free time. At work, that is entirely different matter. But, you see, I lead a double life 🙂

river-jom-08Oh, well, to make the long story short, and thus get my Kindle sooner rather than later, here is the July 8th prompt: By The River

I stand, and, thinking, wait
I’m waiting for the day
to pass by
and away
I’m hoping still to see
The running river
by me.

©2013 soulmary

Paper Boat

September Heights #26 – Paper Boat


Image credit: Freepik


As the river flows

The weeping willow suffers

Paper boat moves on

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

The river of innocence, the industry of fire, Magpie tale #116

[subscribe2]Magpie Tales #116

Are those tops
I see
the ones of buildings
of industry
that glow in operative fire;
or treetops
burning sunset red? 

Is that river
I see
one of tears
or forgiveness,
maybe one of
flowing towards
the industry-subjected burners? 

All innocence slides off
to banks unseen
to heartbeats unexpected. 

Fear not
Appearance will hold
Much muddy water in. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Image: River Irwell by R.A.D. Stainforth

Wordle – Embroidered seaweed


The wordle of the Wordling Whirl of Sundays is above. Below, is my contribution:
The seaweed supersedes the tugs of rope.
It seems embroidered
as dainty as some gentle mist.
Evaporation from the river.

The water breathes
releasing tiny slides of whisper
And all float free down south.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva