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Superstition and Gravity

The train squeezed listless along the platform,
as if a game for happy children:
their January holiday,
with a completed list of gifts –
the sane apathy of parents reluctant to question superstitions.

The train – a figure of shady authority
puffed towards the winter shelter
where grain is stored for hungry throats
where chickens are cuddled to sleep before
they are taken to our feast table,
realistically rising to the occasion –
the gravity of holiday matters.

(c) 2018, mk

This is my weekly wordle poem in answer to Sunday Whirl #334.

River for September Haiku at Soul Mary's poetry blog

Days 10 to 14 of Haiku

In a last attempt to catch up, here I come, firing five instead of one, or two, or even three haiku away. Here is the place for proper linking, too. The September Heights prompt for Day 14 at Haiku Heights is River. That reminded me of Boney M’s song ‘The Rivers of Babylon’, and I stole a phrase from the lyrics. Mhm, no prosecution, please.

River for September Haiku at Soul Mary's poetry blog

Image credit: Rebecca Barray

Day 10: Kitchen

After-summer chaos,
Come back to oven hot meals,
Prepare coziness.

Day 11: Tradition

Slow, secure, stale –
Summary of boredom,
Walk away so still.

Day 12: Holy

Holy as intended
Struggle deep within the rain,
Wings will raise the storm.

Day 13: Superstition

Like the secret whisper,
Round the fire, summer nights,
Camping mindless.

Day 14: River

There we wept so sad,
Hugging tight the pets we loved
Doomed to float away.

© 2013, Mariya Koleva