Meandering Water, wordle

Sunday Whirl #173

Image by: the prompt site
Image by: the prompt site

The water runs
similar to a lane in a park
bending this way or the other.

The path meanders,
rarely straight, but mostly
going east.

Some parts
catch the light and sound
of the forest nearby,
limiting the cases where
guilty water will
consume the evil grain of nurture.

© 2014, MK

Written after a nice wordle prompt at the Sunday Whirl.

Wet trees

Looking out of my perfect window 🙂

Wet trees are black and

Water is magic in that
having no colour,
it changes the one of
whatever it touches

whatever you need –
wet it and see
the magic of colour is

Water to me.

© 2013, soulmary

Wordle – Embroidered seaweed


The wordle of the Wordling Whirl of Sundays is above. Below, is my contribution:
The seaweed supersedes the tugs of rope.
It seems embroidered
as dainty as some gentle mist.
Evaporation from the river.

The water breathes
releasing tiny slides of whisper
And all float free down south.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva