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A shadorma for Day 4

Is when you inhale
And perceive.
When the earth feels it’s awkward
To feel its own weight.


©2017, soulmary


Beginning, April PAD Day 1

It is April again and the Poem-A-Day is in full swirl. This year, Robert really rocks 🙂 Just hop over to Poetic Asides and see what I mean. He has invited judges for each day who will choose a poem a day to include into this year’s Poem Your Heart Out anthology. Well, that’s the short of it. You can find the details, plus info on the judges here. The general guidelines are as usual, no need to go too deep in them. So, I think it’s time to start off poeming.
Here is my April PAD, Day 01 – A Beginning Poem; An Ending Poem


Image by: Joe Maccer

What I won’t miss
is the clumsy lump
blocking my throat
in the beginning.

What I expect is
blessing for my nervousness
springing from the timid
welcomes of tomorrow
and the weeks to come.

What I get,
is the sure ending
or liberating me.

I never know which to prefer
So, I try not to.

©2014, MK