I sometimes…

swamp city to stop and ponder on life

Pure stuff 😉 No explanation, no process notes. Simply read.

swamp city to stop and ponder on life
Image credit: charliespiral at DeviantArt

You know, I sometimes stop
and ponder.
You know the times –
You’ve seen the symptoms.

I think and wonder.
The wind comes higher
and cold amidst the trees.
And yet, I hardly breathe
for heat, I hardly listen
to the music of my heart
and to the moving sounds
of my breast –
up and down.

We hardly have the time
to stop and ponder
Because we play on

No wonder life
has that smooth
unceasing impulse
to go, to come,
to strike us down.
We pass.

© 2013, soulmary

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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  1. Wow! … the last line says it all… I think the fabulous picture and the caption may have kept some from opening this marvelous poem ! BRAVO! 🙂

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